You Really Can't Beat a Musical Hook Up.

The fabulous HcQ hooked me up today with a great new release from DJ Shadow called “You Made It.” The vocals are by Chris James of Stateless.

It’s fantastic. Enjoy.

The Record Girl image was lifted from Empire Waste Designs. If you like it, by all means go there and buy one of their Tshirts. They even have onesies. And if you’re over age two and still small enough to wear a onesie, you should really eat a sandwich.

The Details

0 Responses to You Really Can't Beat a Musical Hook Up.

  1. Jenny says:

    Can't listen…blocked from work.*Sigh*But I love the graphic.

  2. Fizzle says:

    I guess I have to eat a sandwich. Which sucks, cuz the onesie really highlights my ribcage.Probably will ban Rocks from your site. Might fall in love if he knew you were a DJ Shadow lover.

  3. Super Zoe says:

    I just like the design. Whatever the opposite of a musichead is, I am that.

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