Why I Love Blogging. (AKA: the one where you realize that A.) you should be blogging too and/or B.) you should go to Blogher in July)

Blogging is completely nerdy cool. I’ve been saying this for months now. The nerdy part mostly stemming from the name, or the word, “blog”.

We really need to take another look at this, people. Yes, I realize I’m late to the party. And I recognize that people much much smarter than me named this bad boy long ago. But…Blog?


Is that the best we could come up with? A word that mixes Blah and Og. Neither sounds great, and neither accurately reflects this medium. Blah, is of course, blah. And Og, um, just sounds blechy bloggy. Like Frog. Or Smog. Or Zog.

Seriously, I think someone somewhere should hire someone else to come up with a better name…heck, hire the people who coined the name “Spinning” for an evil exercise class that wants to kill you. (It sounds all twirly whirly, but really, it’s the angel of death. ) Yes, we should get the spin doctors of Spinning to craft a better name for this wonderful, maleable, connecting, dynamic medium. Blogging.

That would help.

And then tell more people about the great blogs you find. They are out there in full force representing this great thing that happens to have the most blah crap name in all the land. Plus, if it’s good for Norah Ephron and Zach Braff, it’s good for me.

So there’s that.

And now to Blogher. Besides, of course, Jenny and Ken and Laurie and Bones, I’d never met a real life blogger before this last week. And again, I can tell you with full conviction, that I haven’t been around so many smart, with it, achieving, creative, hilarious, geniune, thinking people in a long time. And even though I’ve never been to a Blogher anything before this week, I must say, I was a bit aprehensive about attending the big shebang in July. (Liz and Mir each present some of my exact thoughts really well here and here.) But I can tell you, if it is one tenth as informational and thought provoking as Blogher Business, I’m in. And I’m staying at the W with Jenny. And we’re totally throwing a party. You should come.

To sum up, Gabrielle and I went to dinner with Lisa Stone, one of the founders of Blogher; Maria Niles, and incredible writer; and the artist currently known as Jen Lemen, on Wednesday night, and I left that dinner absolutely engaged and fully charged. Because as Gabby said…”I sure do love talking with smart women.”

So seriously. Start thinking about Chicago in July.


Also, I’m currently exhausted. But tomorrow I’ll start posting about the post-conference part of the trip. Some wacky fun stuff, people. Plus photos. Stay tuned.

And here’s yet another reason to love the blogging. Murray’s Cheese Shop has this thing called a cheese blog. I’m in heaven. And we’re giving away a copy of the official Murray’s Cheese Handbook over at Cool Stuff con Queso. Behold the power.
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0 Responses to Why I Love Blogging. (AKA: the one where you realize that A.) you should be blogging too and/or B.) you should go to Blogher in July)

  1. Bek says:

    Jealous…. but glad you had fun.I am thinking of going to BlogHer in July, but if I do I am worried I won't really know any one (but you and Gabby…wink, wink) and have no REASON to go….. I don't even have a blog that is about ANYTHING…… Hmmm. But I do love hanging out with smart women…..

  2. tracey clark says:

    I wouldn't miss BlogHer in Chicago for anything. Glad you've come to the blog light! I love it when people get sucked in. The more the merrier.Smart women rule.

  3. Bek says:

    Well, I do read Tracey's blog…. does it count if I just READ all the cool women on the internet? Seriously, I need feedback.

  4. Chicky Chicky Baby says:

    Now I'm even more excited to go to Blogher because you'll be there! Can't wait to meet you.

  5. Maria says:

    It was a delight to share fabulous dinner conversation with you! I look forward to seeing you in July. Also I agree completely with you on the evils of spinning!

  6. Bones says:

    I'm pretty sure they wouldn't let me into blogher. And if they did, I'm pretty sure Mrs. Bones would frown on the idea.Oh, and when you're there, drive north out of chicago towards milwakee. Just after you cross the wisconsin border, you will see the Mars Cheese Castle. If you can eat a whole cheddarwurst, I'll bow to you.http://www.marscheese.com/

  7. Kristen says:

    Girlie Girl, do you miss me yet? Did you "think of me?" You are the greatest in the whole world. And your husband is pretty sweet too.Jen Lemen's sister

  8. radioactive girl says:

    Souns like a great time!

  9. Mom101 says:

    Ha, blah and og! How come I never looked at it that way! You are so right – the word just sucks. But whaddya expect from a bunch o' nerds.

  10. laurie says:

    well put. all of it. smart woman you are. i'm right there with you — bek, you come too!

  11. jen says:

    dude. i am going too. woohoo.

  12. kim says:

    I love blogging too and yes that makes me a complete geek and I'm OK with that.

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