What to Plant in September

September 23, 2015

Well, Friends, we survived August. Someway. Somehow, we were able to slog through the heat waves of summer’s last-ditch efforts to show us who’s boss. (Conclusion: The sun. The sun is the boss.)

Related: Your garden is possibly tired. Mine is exhausted and totally over dying of thirst. If August kicked your and your garden’s butts, do not feel bad or sad. That is normal around here. In fact if you live anywhere south of the middle, don’t even try and worry about it. Instead, spend all your energy keeping yourself cool and drinking cold things in the shade. Because when it comes to growing things, August is the new December. Which means September is the new New Year. Just go with it.

Mostly, just know that September is not only a nice time to start fresh with crispy, shiny, new school supplies, it’s also a great time to green up your garden. Because this is the month you can plant lots of green things…or things that will produce green things…or really, both.

Here’s what you should plant in September:


You can start any of these from seed…or you can do what we do and find your favorite green starts supplier and go to town. The most important thing to remember: do not stress about it. With a little sun and water, it’s hard to mess things up to badly. Just experiment. Most of these can be started well into October, so if you need to push it off, that’s fine too. Just start moving in these directions. You won’t be disappointed.

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