What a Ride!

What a Ride!

Today marks one year since I quit my perfectly good job and embarked on an adventure into the unknown. I won’t lie, it’s been weird. Weird and wonderful.

This morning, I’m celebrating with a fellow quitter by drinking champagne on a front porch in a tiny town. Like I said, weird and wonderful.

Here’s to another year of adventure!


Nuevo Queso, The Details

11 Responses to What a Ride!

  1. Anne W. Lupton says:

    Hope the next year is equally “weird and wonderful,” minus any weird that’s bad weird, of course.

  2. Congratulations! In my book, there is no other way than that: weird and wonderful. Well said!!

  3. Barchbo says:

    Awesome! No better way to celebrate any day! Champagne, how I love and miss you…

    Coincidentally, today is the 10 year anniversary of the day I moved to Austin! Do you Kufu? You know I do!

  4. Laura says:

    Dude. You know I do.

  5. Congratulations from a fellow quitter (6 years now and counting) who lives in Austin! Although the job I left was not perfectly good, the adventure and the wild times since then have been amazing.

  6. maile says:

    oh, you are so inspiring. LOVE this blog! Here’s to weird and wonderful. :)

  7. Jess in Boston says:

    Wow, I needed this today – I’m working toward quitting my going-on-12-years, safe, reliable (as much as possible, anyway), yet very depleting and not satisfying job, without a real plan. I’m terrified! It’s hard to see the other side from here, you know? Thank you for reminding me that there’s a life after the cubicle.

  8. laura says:

    Jess in Boston, Your comment made my day, and I love that this craziness was encouraging! Hooray for you for even thinking about it…because anything that’s “depleting” you, is just ick. I say, Ick! Hang in there! And keep me posted.

  9. Jess in Boston says:

    Laura, no fair, you just made me cry at my desk! Thank you, though. :)

    And I will definitely keep you posted. The clock is ticking . . . .hopefully I’ll be on my “sabbatical” in only a few months, figuring out what adventures await!

    (and also, that thxthxthx.com post-it you posted? PERFECT. My husband is threatening to tattoo its message on his forehead so that I will see it every morning. I’m going to settle for taping it to the bathroom mirror instead.)

  10. That Husband she Mentioned says:

    Its not a threat, its a promise.

  11. Jess in Boston says:

    I did it! I gave my notice yesterday and will be skipping off to hiatus land in a month (well, really two months, if you count the freelance work that will help me make the mental transition). One year after posting my comment, actually. Thank you again, Laura, for sharing your story! When one is – eternally, it seems – treading water, it helps so much to be reminded that all it takes to get things moving is to kick your legs a wee bit.

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