We're All Consuming…

If it’s true that you are what you eat, then tonight, we are page 202 of this month’s Cooking Light.

If my mom (the now Nana con Queso) is right, and you are what you put in your head, then the Hurricane and I are as follows:

Me: Besides about 40 blogs (Most are found by links in the comments section, so link to them and read them; they’re good. If you comment here and don’t have a blog, you should…Super Zoe, Sistaconqueso, Em, Janey, Merkin, etc…because they’d be really good reads, and I’d read them.), I finally finished “The History of Love” this weekend. Fantastic.

The Hurricane: Amy Wilson Sanger books. Perfect for a little foodie. He especially likes “First Book of Sushi” and “Hola Jalapeno!”. Let me just give you a taste of the first two pages…”Hola Jalapeno! I say, hello my chile friend. Seniorita Quesadilla, cheese is melting out your end.” And. There’s really no need to say more.

Me: Just bought the new one from Madeleine Peyroux on Friday to listen to on our drive out of town. I’m still listening to it tonight. It’s fantastic for a rainy night in.

The Hurricane: This is a must have. “The Colours Are Brighter” CD is a collection of children’s songs by Franz Ferdinand, Snow Patrol, Belle & Sebastian, The Divine Comedy, and so on, to raise funds for the Save the Children Charity. It’s hands-down the best children’s album I’ve ever heard. Much better than the Baby Einstein Traveling Songs CD, which actually drove me so crazy that I was forced to throw it out of the car window last week.

Me: In an experiment, we have ditched cable television. I know. But since all of our favorite HBO shows are off until next year, we thought it would be a good time to see how much less TV we watched if we only have the networks. So, I currently watch this, along with the rest of the world. And reading what the writers blog about it the next day, is almost as fun as watching it.

The Hurricane: Charlie and Lola. I’m not sure who loves this more. Him or me. Probably me. Lucky for us, we have about 27 episodes on our TiVo. And I never get tired of them. The Hurricane doesn’t seem to either. Plus, it provides the best background noise of anything currently on TV today.


However, if Coco Channel is right, and you are what you wear…
Then we are fabulous.

Me: My latest shoe purchase.

The Hurricane: His latest shoe purchase.

The Details

19 Responses to We're All Consuming…

  1. Jill says:

    love.love.love those red shoes.

  2. Fizzle says:

    those. shoes. are. killer. and i just almost spent my money buying a pair of red patent leather mugs on that site. and it's, like 1:30 in the morning.am checking out the rainy day music. i think you and i share some musical taste….

  3. Jenny says:

    How weird. Last week I was driving down the road when someone threw a Baby Einstien traveling songs CD. What a small world.PS. I dig those shoes. They make me hurt a little with longing.

  4. Suzanne says:

    Oh the shoes! Love them. I will definitely check out that CD for my kids; we (I mean I) have had it up to here with our current limited selection.

  5. Super Zoe says:

    Okay GcQ, these people need to know that you own about 12 pairs of shoes almost exactly like that! Not that you can have too many pairs of shoes.Your blog has become even more interesting now that I can shop for my niece via Hurricane's purchases. LOVE IT! I have to have those baby foodie books!

  6. Girl con Queso says:

    SZ. I know. I know. I have so many that I almost didn't buy them. But then I did.

  7. Jennifer says:

    The shoes, the shoes! Neither Mama nor Babe can ever have too many and now I think this mama and my babes might need something new, too…as soon as I figure out how to hide them from the husband…Oh, those shoes!

  8. Marmite Breath says:

    I ADORE Charlie and Lola. We have five bajillion (rough estimation) episodes on our Tivo, but since it is only a computer Tivo (HP Media Centre) I cannot put them on DVD, so I just keep saving and saving them. Am I blabbering? Anyway, my kids love it too, which I guess is the important thing. Whatever. It is my favourite and my best.Also, love those shoes. I just bought the most awesome Doc Martens from Goodwill, and I am feeling very superior about the whole thing.

  9. Girl con Queso says:

    YES Marmite, you totally get it. It is also my favourite and my best! And I can't get the sun has got his hat on hip hip hip hip hooray out of my head.

  10. laurie says:

    lord. i just keep feeling more and more kinship with you girl con queso. last night we read Yum Yum Dim Sum, by AW Sanger. we have a tradition at UpsideUp whereby we go eat dim sum every sunday night. to celebrate, we read about it afterwards. we also have the sushi book, but i hadn't seen the jalapeno book. awesome!personally, i can't get into grey's anatomy. i've tried, lordy i've tried. but i'm just an ER girl, through and through. can't get enough of that maura tierney.and charlie and lola? but excuse me that is my (favorite). thankfully zoe and lucy feel absolutely likewise, else they'd be excommunicated from the UpsideUp. C+L is just so in a different league from anything else on tv (kids or otherwise, if you ask me). and the books are divine as well.and how was the potpie?

  11. Kristen says:

    Okay, I just might have to get that children's CD. I've had enough baby einstein too.

  12. Lady M says:

    Love those shoes. If only I could wear heels for more than five minutes without complaining.

  13. Miss Notesy says:

    loooooove the shoes!!!

  14. shpprgrl says:

    Love that shoe! The color is divine! I'm a sucker for red.

  15. Kristen says:

    OMG I love those shoes. And we don't watch much Charlie and Lola in these parts, but I LOVE little kids with accents- especially the English ones! Oh and NY accents- so cute!

  16. Her Bad Mother says:

    OK, so now I have a whole list of books, CDs, DVDs and shoes to buy.Damn you, GCQ. Now I'm going to have shop. BIG SIGH.But I'll struggle through it, somehow.

  17. KCG says:

    That pot pie looks guuuud. How was it?

  18. isabel@alphamom.com says:

    i heart charlie & lola soooo much. i want to live in their house. it looks like it was decorated by tricia guild of designer's guild, whom i also love and want to grow up and be. I just bought their sticker books. i think i love them more than i love olivia, that sassy pig by ian falconer.

  19. Girl con Queso says:

    Cool Yum Yum Dim Sum tradition!Oh and the Pot Pie was FAB! HcQ loved it even more than I did (and that's a lot). I highly recommend it.

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