Vintage New York Subway Signs

Vintage New York Subway Signs

I’m madly in love with these 1923 subway signs. I’m coveting an original canvas, but while I save up, there are a ton of prints and photographs available. I think the current threat level has been elevated to “Need.”

Nuevo Queso, The Rad

3 Responses to Vintage New York Subway Signs

  1. Barchbo says:

    Did you see the Houston ones? I love them, too! One of those would be a great gift for my born-and-bred Houston hubby!

    Thanks for the site!

  2. I have quite a large collection (about 90 in all) of NYC subway station signs, (I do have a 2 sided Houston St) as well as many old cloth type roll sign sections. My website only has about 50 of the porcelain signs but if you have any interest email me and I’ll send you pictures. My email is I grew up in Brooklyn and the subway is one of my passions.

  3. manuela says:

    can i buy it?

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