Vickie asked some of us to share some of our viewpoints.
Our front door viewpoints.
Here’s what it looks like out of the front door of Casa con Queso.
And here’s my viewpoint when I cook up something for the Queso.The Betty pajama and tennis shoe combo is my favorite and my best.

And here’s my favorite view inside Casa con Queso.

The sandbucket helmet is for his protection.
As you can see by his right eye, he’s all boy.

I took these photos this morning and they all look a little gray.
I think I need a better flash. Or some mad photoshop skills. Or a more colorful environment.

So what are some of your viewpoints?
You’re all tagged.
You’re it.

The Details

23 Responses to Viewpoints.

  1. mark says:

    Love your viewpoints. Those are beautiful trees out in front of your house, and the Hurricane is always awesome. I know you pointed out the pajamas and the shoes, but iLike the iBook.

  2. Tiggerlane says:

    Those trees are AWESOME! Great view!

  3. Super Zoe says:

    No photo of the blue fire hydrant?! That's the best part!!My view: Diet Coke cans. An endless series of Diet Coke cans in various stages of emptiness. I cannot get enough. And of course, my computer screen. Lots and lots of that!

  4. Mrs. Chicken says:

    Your neighborhood is what I dream of when I look out on the prairie. And pinky shake from another Mac lover.

  5. Melanie Hess says:

    I love your trees. I wish I had trees like that. . .

  6. Bek says:

    I also love the viewpoints. I love your front door one…you live in a real neighborhood. Will you adopt me? We will NEVER live in a neighborhood like that, and I do mean never because we don't have 3 million dollars (yet) and that is what it takes here…… For that money I would rather buy one of the houses that they are always talking about in People magazine that the celebs are selling! Love the black eye picture.. Ihave a few like that (with the bucket and everything…)

  7. kim says:

    Magnificent trees. Hurricane is soo cute.

  8. Beccy says:

    Stunning trees, gorgeous child.

  9. Girl con Queso says:

    SZ, I think the blue fire hydrant is inches over to the left. Just missed it in the shot. Oh darn. And since our front door doesn't face the front, the trees are really our neighbor's, but they hang all the way over into our yard, so I pretend their ours.

  10. Bea says:

    Those trees! Those trees! I can't believe that you just open the door – and they're there.

  11. Jenny, the Bloggess says:

    Lovely. I want those trees so bad. Makes my saplings feel all self-conscious.

  12. Jill says:

    Guess I'm not the only one who is struck by those trees. They really stand out!Oh, and that banged up boy ain't bad either.

  13. Fiz says:

    First – love your viewpoints, too. And this is my favorite "tagging" to date. You should make it a Flickrhapstance.

  14. mommiebear2 says:

    Okay Hurricane is adorable but what the hell happened to his eye? Things like that always seem to happen to my children right before pictures, never fails.

  15. -R- says:

    Your street is so cute! I love how big the yard is!

  16. Julie Pippert says:

    Wow great view!As soon as it STOPS RAINING I'll potentially be motivated to take you up on that broad tagging. :)

  17. Pendullum says:

    A Blog with a View!

  18. mad muthas says:

    lovely jimjams

  19. law boy says:

    Years ago I lived on the same street as House con Queso (lower rent district) and that blue house was always my favorite.My viewpoint: Words. And rain.

  20. Rhonda says:

    Ok, from that viewpoint, I am guessing you live in or around Southampton. That looks a lot like my old neighborhood. (I used to live on Robinhood.)

  21. Lady M says:

    Excellent pink PJs and super cute Hurricane.I need better PhotoShop skills to take out the piles of clutter that are in the background of all my photos. Of course, I suppose I could clean up the clutter too!

  22. LaLa says:

    Your suburb looks like it does in the movies. We have the same computer, does yours randomly reset the date to 1970 as well?

  23. Tere says:

    I love the front-door view!

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