Universally Stylish.

I really don’t see what the big deal is.

After all, it IS the hippest, coolest trend across the universe.


And she IS a universally loved, intergalactic star, people.

Think about it.

The Details

0 Responses to Universally Stylish.

  1. Super Zoe says:

    I totally supposrt your decision, GcQ. And you already have that silver glitter wig if you decide to mix it up a little!

  2. Lady M says:

    And such trendy sunglasses in the picture!

  3. citymama1 says:

    Love it.

  4. Bones says:

    I never thought I'd long for the days when news coverage was about a diaper-wearing interstellar love triangle.

  5. Girl con Queso says:

    Bones, you've tapped into something that could be a blog in itself. Because all the best news comes from Texas. This should be evident.

  6. Kathleen says:

    Now that she's shaved her head, the trendy sunglasses are just really too much.

  7. Her Bad Mother says:

    You know, you're right. How is it that everyone has been overlooking the FASHION STATEMENT here?

  8. alyndabear says:

    Sadly, I still think Mr Alien has more sex appeal than cuckoo Britney!

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