TTYL: The Things You’ll Love (this week)

November 16, 2015

The past few weeks we’ve been point out the things you will need for the week…but the reality is, you don’t need anything. You definitely don’t need more things, more stuff. And sure most of the stuff we have been pointing out aren’t actual things you need (stuff) they are things you need to do (like breathe and drink water, for instance). But still. We firmly believe none of us needs more needs in our lives…but all could really use some more love, more loves, more things to love. So from this point forward, we’re going to reframe this framework to be The Things You’ll Love (TTYL)…which of course also stands for Talk To You Later. Which we will. About The Things You’ll Love. So let’s do this.

This week, here are The Things You’ll Love:


  1. The Big Apple…with some queso. We are still talk about NYC. Because we love it and you love it, and hell, it’s NYC season starting the second that that parade starts. So we’re going to keep talking about our favorite things NYC all week, starting with a quick roundup of contributors favorites. Watch for that.IMG_8215
  2. Hand to God, You’ll Love Hamilton. And we’re going to talk about both before the end of the week. One was written by a Texan, one was not. One possibly could be consumed by children, one should definitely not be. We’ll compare and contrast. Werk! (That’s a nod to the Hamilton soundtrack, if you’ve been listening to it, as we suggested last week.)3
  3. Easy recipes. You will love easy recipes right now. Because ’tis the season for easy recipes. We’ll features some throwbacks (Like Butternut Squash and Blue Cheese Risotto. True story.) and a possibly few new ones but good ones. And pace yourself, we’ll probably be talking about food until December, at least.9
  4. Boxed sets. Surprise boxes are all the rage right now… we’ll be featuring some of our favorites from now until New Year’s, and we’ll start this week with one that ships out close to home. 5
  5. Planting Seeds of Gratitude.  This is really our theme for the month and we’ll keep going there. Join us.

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  • Reply Traci November 16, 2015 at 2:44 pm

    Gratitude is a fitting theme for November… I’m a fan. :]

  • Reply Betsy November 19, 2015 at 7:51 am

    HAMILTON! It’s on repeat.

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