TTYL: The Things You’ll Love This Week (The Holidays Are ON!)

December 7, 2015

Happy Holiday Season! We have been moving slowly in a Thanksgiving hangover but things are speeding up as we’re sliding into the end of the year. We have a lot in store as we are in and out of stores and up to our eyeballs in chores and oh my gosh, you totally know what we are talking about, right? Right. But we are hopped up on sugar now and we are ready to give you that which you’ll love.

This week, here are The Things You’ll Love:sugar
  1. Sugar. ‘Tis the season. And we’re already getting a little punchy. Tomorrow we’re going to talk about a great (and easy) Holiday sugar rush dish to throw together and consume with a spoon. In one sitting, possibly. We’ll also show you what happens when you do that.vegetables
  2. Vegetables. To counterbalance the sugar. Because, as we mentioned, we’re getting a little punchy. We’re going to talk about what vegetables to plant (and harvest) this month and what to do with them.magnolia
  3. Magnolia Market. Waco is the new black, which is hilarious, and also true almost completely because of Chip and Joanna Gaines, who I swear are more sick of hearing their names than we are. (Every time someone says “Chip and Jo,” a popcorn ceiling is replaced with shiplap, somewhere. Only people who watch HGTV and/or are renovating a house will get that or care. But the rest of you should know about this culture phenom and super cool business story.) I’d read about Joanna Gaines on Gabrielle’s blog a long time ago but I’d never seen the resulting HGTV show until this last weekend, after I visited Magnolia Market. And I’ll tell you all about that on
  4. Gift boxes. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. We talked about an Austin-based boxed set a couple of weeks ago and we have two different cool box options to share this week.Tameca
  5. Good music. Whether its the best Seasonal Playlist we’ve heard in a while or a new Texas artist you should have on your playlist right now…we have some auditory delights coming your way later in the week.

We also have a few extra treats that we’ve been teasing you with (and completely holding out on you) but this is the week. So buckle up, settle in, grab some sugar and let’s do this. December!




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