TTYL: THE THINGS YOU’LL LOVE (This Thanksgiving Week)

November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Week! And happy the last week of November (whoa), which means it’s essentially Holiday Season (Happy Hanukkah! Merry Christmas!) and 2016 (Happy New Year!) but before we get ahead of ourselves…Thanksgiving! Our favorite American holiday is this week, and we’re ready to party with food and gratitude, because this week also marks the last week of our November NYC, food & gratitude fest, and we are going to end it with a bang.

Last week, we delivered a few of our favorite spots in NYC, some throwback recipes from Thanksgivings past, a boxed set Coterie Sampler you’ll want to know about (and we’ll feature another box this week as well), and finally, Tish wrote a great piece about a Low-Maintenance and/or Lazy Parents’ Guide to Guiding Art Projects. And while we planned to compare and contrast Hand to God and Hamilton by the end of the week, we completely did not. Not at all. We’ll do that this week instead, well before the Thanksgiving Parade begins, and speaking of that, here’s what else you’ll love.

This week, here are The Things You’ll Love:


  1. Cheese. This week might be all about turkey, but really, it (and every other week) is all about cheese. We’re going to talk about our favorite cheese shops in NYC…and our favorite in Austin too. Photo credit: Antonelli’s Cheese Shop (that may or may not be a spoiler alert)2
  2. A New York City Restaurant Guide. Because you may want to eat things besides cheese. Maybe. mandarin-hotelNY
  3. A New York City Hotel Guide. Because you gotta stay somewhere. Probably.12
  4. More talk about food. Because while this week may be about tackling your fellow humans for discounts on electronics made in China, it’s also about food. Oh and gratitude.3
  5. Practical ways to help you and yours practice gratitude all year long. Before Black Friday and Red Cup December, comes a few days that we gather together to give thanks. We’ll also offer a few ideas how we are going to take this week into next year and attempt to practice gratitude all year long. Join us.

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