Thursday Things.

There’s a lot and I mean a lot going on at the Casa right now. Too many things.

But for starters, and through a course of unexpected events, we are going to need to buy a new car. Fairly soon. Like maybe today. Well, maybe not that soon, but maybe.

So a friend asked me yesterday, “What would be your ideal car situation?”

My answer: No car.

My ideal situation is that I live somewhere, Park and Fifth would be fine, where you never ever need a car. Ever. Ever. Somewhere you can walk anywhere and everywhere and never have to drive a car again. The end. Amen.

“Really? You want to walk everywhere? Even with two bags of groceries, and the Hurricane, and all his stuff?”


But that’s silly in our current location. Because you can’t walk anywhere and everywhere where we live. And even though I can walk to work, if I need to go anywhere else during the day, I must then walk back home to get a car to drive to wherever it is I need to go. No car is currently not an option.

So, we’re looking. And I have no idea. And almost no opinion.

If you had to get a car, what kind would you get and why? Shoparound asked this same question recently. And I didn’t answer, because I don’t care. And now I have to. So what do you want? Your thoughts are very much needed and appreciated. In other words. Please. Help. Me.


On another note, several people asked me about the desktop photo on my desktop. It is from Deviant Art, a place chock full of free art of all flavors. I like photography, abstract. But there’s something for everyone on there, even scary people. The typewriter photo above is also from Deviant Art. So’s this fantastic shot. I love this shot…


Oh. And Design Mom is giving away Handsome Devil Press Valentine Cards today. Check it.

And a big shout out to all my Boos. Have a Happy Thursday.

And give me your car.

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21 Responses to Thursday Things.

  1. mark says:

    I'm with you about wanting to not need a car. While in the UK, I didn't have a car and I survived (and wasted a lot of time waiting for buses). That's not an option here because everything is so spread out and public transportation is very limited. Am I one of your Boos? Are you asking for my car? If so, which one? I've got 3. Of course, 2 of them predate me.

  2. Mamalang says:

    I'm happy with the car we bought (one of the few times in history.) We knew we wanted one of 2 vehicles when we went to go buy it, so it wasn't too stressful. Good luck.

  3. Bek says:

    I love that Design Mom…Places I have lived w/out a car: London, New York, Edinborough, Liverpool, Manchester, New Jersey. I think that it is do-able if you live in a place w/ enough public transport. I loved that even in the tiniest village in Scotland, you can still get a bus to take you where you need to go.. After living in NYC (w/out kids) I did decide that I would not want to do it w/ kids unless we had enough money to take a cab when I needed it. Just getting the stroller down to the subway would be enough to make me want to cry…We still drive th 1992 Toyata LandCrusier that we inherited when we got married 10 years ago. My husband drives a 10 yr old Explorer Sport. They are both SUV's, but only because we bought them REEEEAAALLY cheap from relatives when we needed a car. I am not sure how many years are left in the LandCruiser (10 more if I am lucky) but we are looking at the same decision soon. Here is the breakdown of all the mommy/working friends in this area and what they have said…Volvo staion wagon rocks, you can fit more than 2 kids in it but don't pay SUV gas prices. BUT, it breaks down when it is 10 years old so sell it before then (that is from 4 different people…)Pilot, small enough not to feel like you are driving a bus, but can still fit a bus load of kids. I realize that for you, fitting kids isn't a big issue.. yet….I have had even the MOST hip and happening mom declare their undying love for their mini van. Here is a recent post from a gal I know and she is so hip it HURTS… need three seatbelts across the back and it is really nice when the 6 yr old can't touch the 2 yr old and NEITHER of them are close enough to the baby that they can bug her, but they are BOTH close enough that they can put her binki back in if she spits it out. I never would have thought of that a few years ago, but for that reason alone I am really happy to have my third row of seats…..Can't wait to hear what the others think….

  4. mommiebear2 says:

    I drive Saturn right now and love it but if we ever had more kids, well we'd have to get another car because really there is only room for two. Over the holidays we rented A Dodge Grand Caravan and fell in love. I dont know what was the best part, all of the room, electric sliding doors, adjustable cup holders, well .. I could just go on and on so I guess you know what we will be buying when one of our cars die huh?

  5. Jenny says:

    I love my Saturn Vue. Inexpensive, big, no negotiations on price, and doesn't dent easily.It's not a prestige piece…but it's mine.

  6. laurie says:

    i'm so with you on the no car thing. i loved life in nyc for 6 years with no car. although grocery shopping is limited when you can't afford to have it all delivered and you live on a 5th floor walkup. and christmas shopping is sort of a pain too — you have to keep heading back to your apartment to drop off all the packages you've accumulated.we're a subaru family when we can be. we're driving a 1999 outback that we still love and our other car is a hand-me-down from my dad — 1995 explorer — which we hate. heavy, sluggish, gas gas gas = yuck. but no car payments on either car = goodness. happily, we really only use one car (the sleeper surprise of the location we chose when we moved to this very car-dependent town is that we can walk everywhere — grocery, restaurants, library, hair stylist, bakery, etc), so we mostly drive the dream car is whatever subaru decides to do as their response to all this biodiesel/hybrid business. i'm not convinced that hybrid is going to save the world — i think it's going to be viewed as a 1st generation technology and new things are going to step up soon that will be even better. but i think it's a good step in the right direction, and i think biodiesel has got it goin on.short of that, my next dream is a toyota rav4 hybrid or a honda cr-v hybrid (don't exist yet).short of that, a toyota highlander hybrid.heavens this is a long comment. sorry to hijack — guess i need to get back to writing in my own blog.

  7. mamatulip says:

    I have a Pontiac Montana. It's okay — I wouldn't jump on the rooftops and scream about how fabuloso it is, but it gets us from A to B, it seats 8 and there's loads of room for baby/toddler gear. And it was pretty reasonably priced.Good luck. I hate, hate, HATE, shopping for cars.

  8. citymama1 says:

    I am currently in Manhattan and thankfully don't need a car, but that's all changing this summer when we move…boohoo. So, the husband and I have been scouring the pages of Consumer Reports and have come up with our "list". Here it is in preferential order.~Toyota Prius ~Toyota Highlander~Toyota Rav4~Honda CRVAnd I must say, not having a car is fabulous most of the time. I love being able to walk half a block to get milk in the middle of the night, however, there are those days when it's 20 degrees outside and you have loads of grocerys from Fairway, a screaming toddler in the cart and you can't find a cab, when having a big fat mini van looks pretty darn attractive. Buena Suerte!

  9. sis con queso says:

    Yes! I hate having a car and so does Jonathan. We share 1 here in Cambridge and only use it 3 times a week (because 3 times a week we have to drive to a place where no T or Bus goes), but I hate it. On the flip side, I love walking everywhere and seeing the people and walking to see friends, go to church, grocery shop, get a drink, etc. It is one of the best things about Cambridge and as we think about moving away one of the saddest parts about that is having to drive more. So if so many people hate driving and want to walk everywhere, why don't more cities (or ANY in Texas) make it so you can walk everywhere????!!! NYC, Boston, Portland, and a few others are having all the fun…why can't we just make cities in Texas like that? It makes me mad. And I like volvos…but you already know about those. PS I'm back in Cambridge after driving 33 hours. Its getting down to zero degrees (with wind chill) tonight. Brrr!

  10. dalene says:

    Admittedly I barely only approach quasi-hip, but I will openly admit to loving my minivan. But when I no longer have four kids+their friends to cart around and if I lived somewhere with decent public transportation I would love to park my car. That is one of the things I really miss about Helsinki–I could get wherever I wanted to in mere minutes and I never had to worry about gas or parking.

  11. Kristen says:

    WE have a Honda Pilot and we love it. But if I had to buy a new one today and had no budget, I'd probably get an Accord Hybrid.

  12. Design Mom says:

    Thanks for the shout out. And thanks also for the link to Deviant Art.Car recommendations:(We have to seat 7 plus guest, so I tend to think big.)I love our VW Eurovan, but you'd have to import from Europe because they stopped making them for the US. Sad. Come out with the Microbus already.My husband loves Audi wagons.I also loved owning and would love to own again an early-eighties Landcruiser. If I was choosing on looks alone, this is my favorite car. But it's really more of a truck.

  13. Mrs. Chicken says:

    OK, this is totally suburban, but dude, get a Honda Odyssey. I do not know how my back survived before it. It is comfortable, spacious (you can fit a couch in it if you remove the seats) and fuel efficient. I love mine, love it so much I would marry it. We got the DVD package because we have to travel so often, and it saved my ass over the holidays.Seriously, email me if you want more info. I LOVE my van. And I hate soccer.

  14. Elizabeth H. says:

    I am a Honda person, but my next car may be a Subaru wagon. I like an efficient car. No car would be great, but it is not an option in Houston.

  15. shoparound says:

    I posted the picture of the red car that made my heart go pitter patter. But honestly, if I had to buy a new vehicle, I don't know what it would be. I'm also in a place that it's a necessity to have one. (Unless I wanted to be a hermit and never go anywhere!) Good luck in your search.

  16. Jill says:

    Back in the day before I had four kids (and had to trade for a minivan) I used to love my VW Passat. Or how about a Volvo?

  17. Super Zoe says:

    My dream car is limo with driver. Or a taxi. Down with cars!

  18. Girl con Queso says:

    Excellent suggestions all around. Thanks!

  19. Anonymous says:

    I TOTALLY wanted a Volvo. Old car died, so we talked to some owners and went to a couple of dealerships in the middle of a Hotlanta summer. The air vents for the kids were tiny. 20 minute test drive, the backseat never cooled down. Kids melted like candles. Ended up with a Cadillac SRX. LOVE it. Looks like a station wagon, has tons of head room and air in the back just like a van.

  20. dalene says:

    Someone referred me to this juicy piece in reference to my comment about my minivan. Thought you might get a good laugh.

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