This Is What My Great Uncle’s Barns Sound Like

This Is What My Great Uncle’s Barns Sound Like

We’re in the process of cleaning out seventy years of stuff…a lifetime of work…piled up high into five barns. I’m spending a lot of time in these barns. Looking through the artifacts of love ones’ lives. And even though it’s stupid degrees outside, I feel so lucky to be given the task. It’s a sober rush of nostalgia, intrigue and pride, tied up with a quiet reminder of how short our time here really is. I swear, if these barns could speak, they’d be telling me exactly that…intertwined with a few hundred hilarious stories. And if they could sing, they’d sound like this….

Nuevo Queso, The Sounds

4 Responses to This Is What My Great Uncle’s Barns Sound Like

  1. Hi. This comment will serve no purpose other than to say YES. Mumford and Sons would be the perfect soundtrack to all your uncle’s stuff. Yes yes a thousand times yes. I saw them live a few months ago and I still can’t get it out of my head. And now I’ll be thinking of mannequins and fairies when I hear this song. Thank you.

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  3. barchbo says:

    I think PJ would appreciate some showtunes, too. Maybe a little “Oklahoma” – there’s a barn and lots of rustic living in that one.

  4. Seabeegirl says:

    I so agree with this! Mumford and Sons have a magical, truth-from-the-gut kind of sound that fits your barns perfectly. Love it! :D

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