Things You Need This Week

October 26, 2015

We are going to try a new start this week with a new roundup of things you will need this week. We will also do our best to fulfill them. Let’s go.


Photo credit: Lions And Daisies

  1. Candy. And possibly an item of clothing that references candy. (From Lions And Daisies on Etsy). Because a lot of kids will be swarming your house, demanding candy. And if you’re in Texas, the minis are probably wanting the good stuff, and by good stuff, we mean Candy Corn. Because according to Influenster, who surveyed more than 40,000 people to find out the most popular candy in each state, Texas kids are children of the candy corn. top-candy-in-the-usThey probably didn’t factor in/know about Sugar Skulls though (we’ll talk about those on Wednesday) Also, I just read that that Americans will spend more than $2.8-billion on candy this Halloween, and A) that is gross and B) that is equal to the cost of almost four trips to the moon.  And no one’s doing that anymore. Our priorities are sugar-coated.pumpkin-puke
  2. Pumpkins. Or at least one pumpkin. ‘Tis the week to buy a pumpkin. You know it’s true, and we’ll talk more about that tomorrow. We’ll also features some photos of our Fishsticks & Queso party, like the one above where a penguin pumpkin is puking. Classy.curry

  3. Spice. But not pumpkin spice. That crap jumped the tank in 2009. We’re talking spice to cancel out your sweet (see #1). We recommend curry. Come with us on Thursday for a trip to Brick Lane.H-dipping-2-624x415

  4. Fruit. You’re also going to need this to cancel out your candy. Or in our case, to complement it. Friday we’re doing a throwback roundup of ways to Halloween costume your favorite candied apples.Elizabeth-hiking

  5. To Go Outside. Trust us, you need to get your backside outside. For one, to go all around the neighborhood, begging for candy. And for two, to work off all those Butterfingers you’ll be swallowing. You know it’s true. And around here, as of just this week, the weather is finally fine…so get outside and get to it. Elizabeth recommends hiking, and she’ll let you know about it on Friday. Just in time for your hike around the neighborhood, begging for candy. Which brings us back to number one. And the loop continues. Because this week, it all comes back to candy.

Okay so, Happy Candy Week!

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