Things You Will Need This Week

November 2, 2015

Happy November. We are so grateful that we survived the week of candy and crazy and crazy candy. Between Halloween and the time change and impending climate change and/or doom, we somehow made it through. And we are grateful (oh so grateful) that we are here, in November, our favorite month of gratitude.

All throughout the month we will be counting our blessings for so many things, and this week we are starting with the basics. So here’s a roundup of things you will need this week. We will also do our best to fulfill them. Let’s go.


1. You Will Need To Go Outside. Now that we have reached a month when it is not 1,000 degrees outside, we are very happy to encourage you to go outside and enjoy every single second of it. The weather is becoming ideal for anything outdoors. Hiking. Zip lining. Golfing. Running (some of us are starting Couch to 5K training this week). We have lots of outdoors in store this week because it’s a good time to be in this part of the world and be outside.


Well, mostly…Except for a variety of residual hurricanes and resulting torrential flash floods. I mean, other that those 16 inches of rain that fell on our houses within a few hours on Friday, not to mention the tornadoes, it’s totally perfect.


AP Photo/The Austin American-Statesman, Jay Janner

And speaking of last Friday, last Friday’s floods, A) What the heck was that? and B) the tornados shut down all the Internets, so we couldn’t share Elizabeth’s post about how you should go outside. IRONY? We think so. We also still think you should outside now. Because today, it’s quite lovely. Although you know what they say about Texas weather….so you should probably hurry.


2. You Also Will Need To Not Forget Thanksgiving. I opened up my Facebook this morning to no less than five (FIVE) humans who were sharing their Christmas tree decorations that they put up yesterday. No. Just, no. Do not forget Thanksgiving (unless you are in Canada and Thanksgiving was weeks ago) But America, you got to chill. No Christmas until the Turkey has been made into turkey curry salad for leftovers. Thems the rules.

So this week, we’re going to talk about space and family and how we’re getting ready for the most wonderful holiday of the year (Hint: It’s Thanksgiving. And it’s offended by your preemptive Christmas tree.)



3. You Will Need To Consume a Good Bit of Water. Admit it and face it, you are still hungover from last week’s high fructose corn syrup overload. There’s no shame to your game, but your body wants water and fast. We are also starting a new face/skincare regimen around here to help with that. We will let you know how that is going later in the week.



4. And You Will Need Some Vegetables. And ’tis the season to plant them. Besides corn syrup, Halloween means picking the last of your tomatoes, pulling out all of your summer garden, and planting for the winter. We’re going to talk about that on Thursday. And finally…


5. You Will Need a Break. Some Ease. And Some Easy Ideas. If you have small humans in your life, getting through last week was no small feat. Between the candy and the parties, the sportsball games, and the time change, well, bless your head. You need a nap. But you can’t have a nap because we are now entering the most wonderful time of the year which demands that you are ready with crafts. It’s a whole thing. So until you can bust out the Shrinky Dinks Christmas set (not yet, see #2), you need easy, fast and smart ideas to occupy hours and brains. So Tish, mother of two little ones, will share really easy ways to encourage creative play…or a slacker mom’s guide to surviving craft season. Same thing. And several of them involve sending kids outside. Which brings us back to number one. And the loop continues. Because this week, it all comes back to backyards. And kids.

Okay so, Happy Kids and Dogs Outside Week!

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  • Reply Betsy November 5, 2015 at 9:46 am

    And I will need it to stop raining! But it will give me time to order the Shrinky Dink Christmas set.

    Awaiting your planting post! Our basil thrived so we are excited to try something new.

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