The World's Second Longest Painting Project.

It is finished.


What started as an idea in February 2007… before Obama had decided to run for President…was finally completed earlier last week. So in fact, it is now proven that a person with a weird name can raise $650 million in small contributions and mobilize and entire nation before I can paint a room.

And in fact, I didn’t even paint this one. I just picked the color. And actually, I didn’t even pick the color. I painted options on the wall in January and asked all people who read this blog and/or came anywhere near my house (including the mailman) their opinion on the matter.

All the while, the room stood empty. Until it became the soccer room.

Because every house needs a soccer room, don’t you think?
But then finally, finally, finally, thanks to a talented husband and Benjamin Moore’s Lavender Ice…
It was transformed
I’m sure I can not explain how beautiful it is.

The color changes as the day moves forward. From light blue, to deep cyan, to indigo, to violet, to deep pool azure. It is absolutely elegant.

You should come over and see it.

I’ll make tea.

And you can help me decide where to hang that Jaime Zollers print I purchased the day Giuliani filed to run for President.
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  1. kpaull says:

    Love it! Looks great . . . now to figure out how to see it in person. Hmmm. I smell a roadtrip! We have to get the boys together so we can freak Harry out with all of our crazy testosterone and the boys can talk tech with the Daddies.

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