The Week Before Christmas

The Week Before Christmas

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the house I was running around like a crazy person. Am I alone in this? Are the rest of you cheerily singing carols while you casually decorate your days with fun? I knew it.

I would really like to chill it out and channel my inner 1970s mom…that mom being my own mom, who somehow “seemed” calm to us while we obnoxiously ran around chugging sugary hot chocolate and making Shrinky Dinks. But. I’m not my mom…and there’s just so freaking much to do. For starters…

1. Christmas Cards. The other day, I realized we haven’t received many Christmas cards this year. And then I realized that we moved and didn’t tell anyone our new address. Duh. Oops. Etc. So today, being the last day of school, is a rad opportunity to 1.) come up with something to do in the afternoon and 2.) make Christmas cards! So that’s exactly what we’re doing. What? You got yours out 20 days ago? Hooray for you. (Click here to see what they might look like.)

2. Decorations. Yes. I’m still doing this. Don’t roll your eyes. I have some cool last-minute things to share too. Actually, lots of ideas and Christmas hacks. That’s what we’ve been doing. Stop in tomorrow because I’ll post them all late tonight.

3. Also, I should attend to my favorite new Christmas drink. And I’ll be drinking that while I post everything late tonight.

4. Teacher gifts. Crap. I have 30 minutes to do that. What am I doing here on this blog? Later.

The Details, The Rad

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