The Way We See Things This Thanksgiving

All the pies have been made, the potatoes have been peeled, the clinky drink glasses have been laid out, and we’re sitting around my parents’ house, watching the parade, and gearing up for massive amounts of celebratory food. Harry is super excited about the turkey this year. In fact, he just shared his turkey recipe with his grandparents, and so I will share it with you.

The Hurricane’s Turkey Recipe

Go to the grocery store to get a turkey.
It will be alive and have feathers.
A turkey costs $3.
Put it in a bag and go home.
Put it in a pan and wait for it to cook.
It should take 12 minutes.
Put seasoning on it to make it tasty.
Salt and pepper and a “bone tail” makes it good.
You’ll know it’s ready when the oven beeps.
Put it on the table and let it cool off.
Drink chocolate milk.
Mommy and daddy drink water or milk.
Eat pumpkin pie.
When you finish, take the leftovers to school.
After you clean up, go to circle and sit nicely and get on your mat.

So there you have it.
Good luck with your turkey.

And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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