The War Against Toys

I rarely feel exceptionally anomalous about anything, and this is especially so when I make statements like, “Hey, people. You know what, I just can not stand clutter! I know, weird right?”

Or not. Because honestly, who likes it?

I’m fairly certain even those people on that guy’s show, the people who live with crap and cats everywhere, even those hoarders… deep down in their “I should keep this, I might need it one day” souls… even those guys hate the clutter.

So I’m not spouting off anything revolutionary when I say one of the items on my Tax Day to Tax Day list is climbing the mountain of toys in The Hurricane’s room and throwing that shit out.

Now don’t get me wrong, each and every primary-colored plastic item had its day. And for the seconds of distraction or smidgens of brain development they each contributed to, I’ll be forever grateful. (And I promise, I’ll find them brand new mouths of slobber to show them the love.) But seriously, dude. The time has come for them to pack it up and move it on from our quaint little cottage of tinyness.

Frankly, I was a little nervous about how The Hurricane would handle the passing of the torch. The giving of the toys. The moving of the on. But it turns out, the Mac lover doesn’t fall far from either parental tree. Because both his father and I dig the simple, and the kid totally got that.

When the process started I would pull out items by category, like, let’s say, blue trucks. Then I’d give him to option to keep four of the 20 he currently owned. Finally, when we were on to stuffed animals, he said, “Mommy, I really only want this one.” And from that point on, between SQUEEEEES! of happiness, I cycloned through the room picking up every item and pointing it in his general direction for a final Judgement Day keep nod or lose toss. Nine times out of ten, it was a toss.

And in the process, this child, my child, he made it very simple to cross my first item off the list.

I couldn’t be more proud. He helped me get it in gear. He made my day. He made one Catholic church preschool room very happy. And our space is all the better for it.

The List

4 Responses to The War Against Toys

  1. barchbo says:

    Awesome! It's such a good feeling to let go of things that aren't helping us move forward. The 'Cane has obviously inherited his parents' spirit of generosity and goodheartedness, too.

  2. Mainline Mom says:

    Ugh I need to do this. For the longest time my excuse was having a younger child who *might* use all the toys at some point. But really? The younger one likes the older one's toys. He can't be bothered with stuff for his "age". So all that stuff must go. Awesome than The Hurricane is a purger.

  3. JOAM says:

    Now, if you ever need to unload a bunch of clothes…you know I'm your man!Hope you are doing well!-Shane

  4. the craftivist says:

    rock on for him and his de-cluttering ways at such a young age! i wish i had that sort of will-power!

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