The Rifles: These Are the Kind I Like

The Rifles: These Are the Kind I Like

I’m completely scared of guns, firearms and almost all things related. But man, I love The Rifles.

Tangled Up In Love is my current favorite.

I could listen to this song all day. And of all days to do it, this is a good one. We could all do well being a bit tangled up in love right now.

Because, man, people are all over the place emotionally today. I had a conference call this morning that represented the US populace…split in half in their happy returns. Of course, it’s not as simple as a color-coded map. A lot of people who live in red-colored states are so very thrilled and people who are living in map-colored-blue locations are well, blue. I had to turn off Facebook because the extremes of elation and anger and fear and complete celebration are just too raw to consume right now.

Instead, let’s focus on love in all its formats. There’s no other way.

“Tangled Up In Love” appears on The Rifles’ third full length album, ‘Freedom Run.’

Buy “Tangled Up In Love” MP3 on Amazon.
Buy “Tangled Up In Love” MP3 on iTunes.

Nuevo Queso, The Sounds

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  1. DeAnna Mayes says:

    I love The Rifles. (James introduced me to them, of course.) Thanks for the Love!

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