The Perfume Diaries

Pinch me. Somehow I drifted into a dream of olfactory goodness and was asked to work with Leslie Blodgett of Bare Escentuals and Sephora on a contest that starts today and goes through October 23, 2009. It’s rad. Check it. And then let me tell you what’s great about it.

Leslie’s brand new perfume line, The Perfume Diaries, is a series of fragrances inspired by Leslie’s travels around the world, and now she wants to hear about the scent memories you’ve created while on your own travels.

The official rules and entry requirements are over here. But here’s the gist:

#1 – The contest involves writing about a personal travel experience. That’s WRITING. Plus TRAVEL. And considering so many of you guys are lovers of the writing and the traveling, it’s basically perfect for you. (I cannot win, or I’d be writing right now. Oh heck, I did anyway. But you should for reals and for the win.) Go. Now. Really. It’s so super easy. You just post a photo and smart little blurb on the Perfume Diaries Facebook wall. Done.

#2 : One grand prize winner (I’m thinking you) and a guest will receive a beyond fancy vacation to Honolulu, Hawaii for 5 nights/6 days and a gift basket of Leslie’s Bare Skin collection (approx. $2,000 value).

#3: Three second place winners (Or this could be you) will receive a gift basket of Leslie’s Bare Skin Collection (over $100 value/each).

#4: Let me repeat. Writing. Plus Travel. Equals Awesome. So do it. And then take me with you! Go Team. (No really, go. And remember, you’re taking me with you.)

Even though I’m not eligible for this, here are some photos that I would have submitted to the fancy people at Bare Escentuals and Sephora. (Also, you can practice below by telling me some of your scent memories, and if you enter, please let me know!)

The List

2 Responses to The Perfume Diaries

  1. Barchbo says:

    You had me at "Sephora".

  2. Sara A Broers says:

    Beautiful Picks!

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