The Oh Hellos: A Texas Band You Should Be Listening To

The Oh Hellos: A Texas Band You Should Be Listening To

No doubt you’ll be hearing more from them in the future, but here’s another Texas Music heads up for now: You should know The Oh Hellos.

Do you like Mumford & Sons, the Avett Brothers, Nickel Creek, Mutual Admiration Society? Well, then you’ll love The Oh Hellos. They’re Maggie and Tyler Heath, a brother/sister duo from San Marcos, Texas…which is a quirky college town right up the street from me…a town that is completely underrated in its all around awesomeness as far as I’m concerned.

They’re undiscovered. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to them all day long…because you’ll want to. They are seriously good..and they’re great to work to.

So buy their album. They ask you to name your price. (What’s the right price for someone who makes my day much more interesting? Higher than normal.) You’ll want to get to know them.

True artists make the world better.

Nuevo Queso, The Rad

4 Responses to The Oh Hellos: A Texas Band You Should Be Listening To

  1. Emily C says:

    Oo, thanks Laura! I’m glad you’re tuned into TX music. I took your recommendation on Quiet Company and Wild Moccasins and I’m glad I did. I hope The Oh Hello’s play a show in Austin soon. Also, not a TX band but you might like He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister (if you’re not familiar already!).

  2. Molly says:

    Wow! I checked out the link and had to immediately buy the album! I’m not sure I’ve ever done that before. After reading your firsthand account of SXSW this year, I have resolved to pay attention to your music recommendations!

  3. Amanda says:

    I’m pretty sure I’m going to devote a good chunk of tomorrow night to listening to this album in its entirety, in order, as they suggest. The sound, the lyrics. Thank you, Laura Mayes!

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