The New Kirtsy.

The New Kirtsy.

You know how we’ve been talking about reworking Kirtsy for 2 years? Yeah. Well, we finally finished it! Bam! Only took us 700 days!

Funny thing, this is the third site we’ve concepted and started developing over these last 700 days. And in that time frame, the new Kirtsy has had three very different looks and functions. Because in that time, the Internet and the social web has evolved 87 times. It’s amazing to us that some of the relatively complex functionality we had planned, became relatively obsolete in only a matter of months. (I mean, we were going to make Kirtsy 100% devoted to snapshots of animals being jerks…and what do you know…that’s been done. Urgh. Evolution! I kid.)

So we broke it down again, we got back to the basics of what Kirtsy was created to do, and we channeled our inner artsy Zentastic cleanliness (just to the left of Godliness) in the process.

Annnyway…long story short…

1. It’s on. We’re launching today (July 27)…it’s going live at noon EST. Same address:

2. Check it out. And let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your feedback.

3. Also. We’re going to have a number of new cool things to announce about Kirtsy over the next weeks. Watch for it.

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2 Responses to The New Kirtsy.

  1. LizP says:

    Wow, very cool! I love the amazing photos. One thing that would be helpful is some sort of description of the picture. In going through the crafts I didn’t know what the craft was as I was looking at the photo. (such as – the gorgeous fabric was a napkin making tutorial)

  2. dreadpiraterach says:

    I like it! It might be useful to you to know that the photos on the main page don’t display as links ( & therefore you can’t get past the front page) when you are viewing the site on Opera. They do change colour & the arrow shows up, but they aren’t links and you can’t click through.

    I know it’s a relatively minor browser but thought you might like to know. Looks good on Firefox though :-)

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