The Book Stands Alone.

Weekend Celebrity Sighting: Michael Gross, the brilliant author of 740 Park, made an appearance in our little queso room.

So read his book.

It’s completely interesting. It’s set in our favorite city. And it features a Lockhart Watermelon Thump Queen.* For these and many other reasons, a giant hola and mucho props go out to Michael Gross. As far as we’re concerned, 740 Park is a must read, and he’s a friend con queso. As soon as we have t-shirts made, I’m sure we’ll send him one.

*Apparently, pre-Chisholm-Trail-Roundup, residents of Lockhart could become Luling crowned royalty.

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  1. Betsy says:

    Additional upside to the completely great (and gorgeously footnoted) 740 PARK: My VOGUE came in the mail yesterday, and I loved reading it and identifying featured personalities by their address. It made my mag reading so much more personal. And anytime I can make VOGUE more personal…I feel pretty good!Am headed to NYC next week and have made a stop by 740 PARK a must. Obviously from the outside only…le duh.

  2. Anonymous says:

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