The 100 Best Songs of the 00s

The 100 Best Songs of the 00s

Last week, Rolling Stone published its list of the top 100 songs of the decade. And I must say, even though it is the greatest music publication in all the land, I think they’re crazy. If only for their number one pick. And, okay, also for lots of others too.

To be fair, this isn’t an easy thing to do. List making is a fallible business. And as questionable and strange as the last 10 years have been, man, our artists created some amazing music. Plus, this probably is the first decade that most of us can actually remember with sane, measured, adult-brain memories. So, sure, there’s a lot of sensory data to sort.

But still. I think I can do better. Because I think I’m smarter than Rolling Stone or something. And, reading through the list again, um, I think I might just be on this one. So here’s my version. Of course, the order might shift depending on the day, but I think we’re getting closer here.

My Picks for the Best 100 Songs of the Decade

Tell me I’m wrong. What’s not to love? And what’s missing? What?

Actually, looking back, I already think I’ve already changed my mind on some of this. See, list making is a dumb idea. At least I’ll have a great running mix for all the tiarathon training.

On a serious note, here’s hoping our future decade matches the excellence of our artists. I’m feeling very optimistic that it will.

So Happy New Year to you and yours!

And here’s to what sounds like it could be a very happy new decade!

Nuevo Queso, The Sounds

3 Responses to The 100 Best Songs of the 00s

  1. Topham Beauclerk says:

    no bon iver?

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  3. Or you can try Spotify, its awesome

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