Summer of the Spritzer

Summer of the Spritzer

Alright, we’re declaring it. It’s the Summer of the Spritzer, y’all. Get ready… and go.

Last year was the Summer of the Shandy, and that was awesome, but this year we’re swapping out the beer for wine to shake things up a little. Obviously, all the cool kids are doing it, so there’s that. But more importantly, this is a solid and welcome break from the precision of the craft cocktail trend.  Tinctures measured out by the drop? Impossible-to-find small batch ingredients? It’s summer. It’s hot. Aint’ nobody got time for that.

Spritzers are basically sangria with sparkle and jazz hands. Wine. Fruit. Some kind of fizz. It’s easy to wing it with whatever you like, but here are a few of the recipes I’ll be trying this season on the front porch:

Ty’s Grapefruit Spritzer (pictured above).

Ty lives in DC and makes great drinks.  We stole this from him because it’s simple and delicious.

2 parts white wine

1 part Fresca

1 part fresh grapefruit juice

grapefruit wedges

lime wedges

ice (optional because I like good ice)

Combine and serve.  Easy breezy.

Here are a few others:

Lemon Spritzer courtesy of The Food Network

Lemon Spritzer courtesy of The Food Network

Lemon Spritzer. Bam.

Cranberry Red Wine Spritzers courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

Cranberry Spritzers. Happy.

I look forward to seeing…and consuming…the concoctions we will all discover this Summer of the Spritzer. Cheers.

And happy summer, Friends.

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6 Responses to Summer of the Spritzer

  1. Kathleen says:

    Awesome someone finally discovered Fresca as a drink mixer!

  2. Laura says:

    Kathleen, It’s summer goodness.

  3. I love this! How very Spanish + Austrian! (ie, story of my life).

    The basic Tinto de Verano: 1 part red wine + one part lemon-lime Fanta. Or an Austrian Spritzer, which is just Gruner Vertliner and bubbly water.

  4. Barchbo says:


    So glad someone else is over the craft cocktail trend – it’s too hard to shop for things. And no, I don’t have time to make lavender-coconut-papaya simple syrup.

  5. Knighton says:

    I LOVE using the Central Market Italian Sodas in my spritzers – so so so good. Find them at HEB on the soda aisle.

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