Summer: Day 82. The Five Stages of Twilight.

Summer: Day 82. The Five Stages of Twilight.

It’s been a tough day. 10 years since the unimaginable happened. This morning, as we watched the names called, I sobbed, and Harry and Hannah wanted to watch Phineas & Ferb. We explained that no, they couldn’t watch that because we were watching something important. And I explained why today was important, and what happened, and they just sort of looked at me blankly, and then they went to Harry’s room to play.

Later though, they asked a lot of questions.

Like, whatever happened to Fireflies?

When I was young, my brother and I would spend evenings catching them, keep them in a jar for a few hours, and then release them out into the night. But that’s no longer an option for this generation. The Fireflies used to be everywhere, and now they’re gone.

Was there some major event that happened that scared them away? Or did they all die from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders related to their constant capture and release? Not sure. I do know that there was a shift though, and everything changed. It’s sad, really.

So my brother’s daughter and my son are stuck with bubbles. They are not super happy about this, and find it unfair that the world has changed to be such a non-Firefly world.

But they make the best of it. I mean, bubbles are okay. (Denial)

But then the blowing of the bubbles soon lacks the glow, and it turns into martial arts. Bubble blowing becomes a display of aggression. (Anger.)

Soon enough, they instinctively miss the luminescence of the lightening bugs. So they find glow sticks. Because if anything exists in a house, kids can find it. They beg to open the glow sticks. (Bargaining.)

And that’s fun, until it’s not.¬†Empty feelings present themselves. And so they transform the bubble wands into Light Sabers. Of course they do. They try to fight it. It’s an empty fight. (Depression.)

They accept the reality that the Fireflies are gone, and they do their best to move forward. Twilight’s glowy glory will never be the same, but a new version emerges. (Acceptance.)

The under-ten set makes its own brand of light.

It works for now.

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2 Responses to Summer: Day 82. The Five Stages of Twilight.

  1. barchbo says:

    We have fireflies! Right here in Central Austin! Crazy, isn’t it? Not loads, but some. They have been in hiding the last few weeks, but we have had them all summer.

  2. Rinnie says:

    We have fireflies (we call them lightening bugs) here in Northwestern Indiana. I’m so sad for you guys that you don’t have them. Here they’re the big heavy sigh that Summer is FINALLY here after about 8 months of cold!

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