Summer: Day 81. The Auction.

Summer: Day 81. The Auction.

So this happened. It was interesting. And exhausting. I’d never been to a auction before…much less been the clerk of an auction. It was definitely a learning experience. We had about 100 people out. Have you been to an auction? There’s so interesting. Some things went for waaay more than I expected them to (a small cow head, $400), so some for less (giant George Washington head, $170). But it was really fun to meet the people who came out. A lot of teachers, people who ran drama departments at schools, and the team from Scare for a Cure that loaded up for their upcoming haunted house that supports breast cancer recovery (they are going to turn the giant George Washington head into a giant clown head…scary.) It was really fun, the people were great, and we only were able to get through about 30% of it. We’re thinking we’re going to have another one of these in November. You should come.

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  2. barchbo says:

    If you have it the first weekend in November, I am there! Not only will I attend, I will help.

    PS: I totally want a giant GW head!

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