Summer: Day 80. The Set Up.

Summer: Day 80. The Set Up.

So I’ve spent the last five days in those five barns. Five days with 10 other people who are smart and strong and know what they’re doing. These people run an auction company that is leading the charge. I’m mainly trying to stay out of their way and do what they say.

And, as it turns out, we have waaay more of this vintage float stuff than any of us even imagined. Pulling it out and lining it up has been interesting and I’ve seen things I’ve never seen before.

Things like this.

And this.

Also, we had more of these than I thought.

We have a whole horse area.

Also, a lot of naked ladies. Here’s one next to a ferris wheel. Because we have one of those too.

Also, an assortment of cowbells with cacti on them. Because of course.

Oh, you need a kid playing a trombone? Well we have three.

And a million Christmas things.

And did I mention that PJ was a UT fan? Because, yeah. That. Lots of that.

So. Here we are. And here we will be. Pulling out and setting up float decorations from the 1940s-1980s. We still have one more day of set up to go before the auction tomorrow. There will be at least 15 of us out there today, throughout the day, doing our best to get it all ready for Saturday’s 9 a.m. preview.

This whole process is fascinating to me. I’ve never even attended an auction, much less hosted one. Will anyone show up? Will everything get a good home? Will the Fire Marshal shut us down before noon?

I can’t wait to see what happens.

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9 Responses to Summer: Day 80. The Set Up.

  1. Oh people will show up! The town where I grew up hosted a HUGE fair every year, so huge that they gave kids the day off from school to get there (nerds). Memorabilia of that nature is like crack around here. If crack were a good thing, I guess. Bottom line- people love it! You’ll be shocked how much people pay for a half dressed mannequin covered in sequins.

  2. Someone who I know from a whole different personal universe (not a blogger) posted a link to your original auction post to my Facebook stream, so I suspect word is getting around. Good luck!

  3. I really wish I could have those two little deer. They’re so sweet. And blue.

    Good luck tomorrow. I hope it goes perfectly.

  4. My fantasy: endless images of this amazing stuff edited in a huge glossy gorgeous coffee table book. I would so buy that book.

  5. Judy Woods says:

    I think Stephanie is on to something. It was endless images and I enjoyed every minute soaking them in. A huge success, a great crowd, so much fun AND Master Harry and his cousin and friend raised money for the Bastrop victims. ‘Nuf said.

  6. Wendy says:

    So did everything go? Anything left for those of us unable to make the trip? : )

  7. barchbo says:

    1. I love PJ
    2. Not just cowbells with cacti – gemstone-encrusted cacti.
    3. What did Harry do to raise money? He is such greatness.
    4. Anything left? What did you keep for yourselves?

  8. This would have been a GREAT reality TV show. Just add Snooki. And, not wanting to offend the memory of PJ, I must say Boomer Sooner! Ahem.

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