Summer: Day 39. The Escape.

Summer: Day 39. The Escape.

The heat around here is dumb. Double dumb. Triple-digit dumb. I was counting the number of days that we’ve been above 100, but somewhere around 35, I had a heatstroke and forgot what number we were on. Ooooo! Can’t wait until we have that cold front on Saturday!

So, we thought, I know! Let’s go to the beach! It’s at least 10 degrees cooler there.

So, we headed for the beach. And then Don decided to join us.

Don is such a party pooper.

But until he gets here (I think we have 4 hours until his arrival), I’m going to be sitting right here.

And I’m not moving.

Until Don shows up.

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2 Responses to Summer: Day 39. The Escape.

  1. Amen. Are you really that close to me? ;-) We have those chairs.

    Stay safe, we’re at the house waiting and hoping.


  2. Tazer says:

    UGH I’m so glad I live in a cool coastal climate, I’m pretty sure I’d die if exposed to 100+ degree weather. Don’t know how y’all do it!

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