Summer: Day 37. The Harvest.

Summer: Day 37. The Harvest.

So, as I’ve mentioned like 200 times, it’s hot here. Dumb hot. And, as a result, my garden is super sad. I was feeling all failurey about this, and whining about my garden failure on twitter, when my hero Gayla Trail assured me that it was impossible to grow anything in the middle of a million days of 102 heat, and that made me feel better. I believer her exact words were:

And somehow, that made me feel better. Then, today, Harry and I went out to the garden to pick from whatever was still alive, and that first shot of a few random tomatoes was all we found. That was it. That’s all that’s left of our summer garden. It’s officially done. Gone. Dead.

I was feeling sorta bummed about this, when Harry interrupted my bumdom by screaming, “I KNOW! LET’S PICK ROCKS!!!! THERE ARE LOTS AND LOTS OF ROCKS!!!!!”

And so we did.

A good harvest is the eyes of the beholder.

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  1. barchbo says:

    Harry is my kind of optimist!

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