Suh. Weet.

When I was in eighth grade, I took Algebra II. And I sat next to this guy who, during tests, would very often say to himself (very outloud) “Suh..weet!!!” In the middle of the test. You see, he was celebrating his Algebraic genius, as I squirmed in the next desk, mathematically challenged and completely confused. It was very annoying. However. Just as we take on the annoying tendencies of our parents, I have found myself taking on the high-fiving-himself cheer of 13-year-old Corey Vaughn. When I see something I likey, I sometimes say, “Suh. Weet.” It’s annoying. But fun. Try it.

This weekend, I found myself saying it often, as I read the entire Internet. Here’s my list of SuhWeet things going on around here. (I’ll go ahead and write them in a list. Because it’s the holiday season, and I’m almost exclusively communicating in lists. Because apparently I have turned into my mother.)
A. Liz at Mom 101 wrote a great post about what I was going to write about, so I’m just going to link to hers. She covers all the do gooding goings on quite well. I especially want to point out the part she wrote about a great auction/raffle thing going on right now. It’s for a little boy named Tanner, who I haven’t been able to stop thinking about for months. He’s an amazing little person, and I think about him and his family almost every day. Here’s what Liz says…

Kristen of Motherhood Uncensored and Julie of Mothergoosemouse have created “Her Bad Auction,” a series of raffles to raise money for muscular distrophy research. The name of the event refers to awesome Canuck blogmistress and one of my favorite human beings on this planet, Catherine of Her Bad Mother, whose nephew Tanner, is living with the disease. And while I haven’t met him yet, from what I know about him, I think he’d be one of my favorite human beings on this planet too. For tickets as little as $1 or $5 you can enter to win truly wonderful items– high-end diaper bags, a custom Christmas stocking, handmade kids tees, books and cds, a full blog makeover, and hello…an ipod shuffle. All just in time to make someone’s Christmas.

Most of all, Tanner’s.
B. Jenny wrote about The Hunger Site and is promising bridesmaid dress photos for comments and clicks for food. She says..

Every click at The Hunger Site generates funding that supports the vital work of Mercy Corps and America’s Second Harvest. Currently, with a simple click of the mouse, you’ll give over one cup of staple food to someone in need. This action costs you nothing; sponsors pay for the value of your click.
C. The Merkin had dinner with us last week. And it was suhweet. I could write a whole post about it. But instead, I’ll just warn you. If you don’t know what the word merkin means. Don’t look it up. Trust me on this one. Ignorence is bliss. Really.
D. I promised I’d tell the Matt Damon story, so here it is. And it’s Suh. Weet. A few years ago (pre-Luciana, Eric), the BcQ who is now the HcQ and I were staying here for a week or so before Christmas. We were waiting in the lobby for Janey to meet us to go here and here and here and here and other places.

So as we were waiting, I was standing at the bottom of a staircase watching these three people come down the stairs. The group of three consisted of these two very loud girls with Boston accents arguing about something that I couldn’t figure out. There was a guy in between them, normal looking guy, guy from whom you would have borrowed your Algebra II notes back in the day. I didn’t really look at him because I was distracted by these girls squawking at each other. He seemed determined to pacify them and move on. They seemed determined to go to the empty concierge stand and make a lot of phone calls. I was looking for Janey. He was looking at me. The great BcQ was watching all this and laughing from the other side of the room. He walked over to me and said, “Hey, notice anything?” I told him I of course noticed the loud girls. He pointed out the loud girls’ friend. I gasped. They left. Janey walked in seconds after they walked out. She was really annoyed she missed the scene.

Also, I should point out that the HcQ is like a freaking celebrity magnet. Everytime I’m with him anywhere other than our house, he sees famous people. It’s kind of weird. Also, KCG has this point system thing where you get so many points for seeing different types of celebs on the street. (I don’t remember the system, but I know it’s 5,000 points for SJP.) And let’s just say I have like 758,000 points. Mostly because of the HcQ.
E. On another very suhweet note, it’s cookie month at the Queso. So on Friday, we’re having a cookie exchange. Well, a cookie recipe exchange. I’ll be posting thousands of my favorites. So come back Friday or next weekend, and post yours here or at your place and then link us in. It will be a party. And not just a party of girls, KCG. Boys cook cookies too. Duh. And Merkin, I know you’re a great cook. So please give us your fave Holiday cookie recipes that don’t involve Cyanide. Thanks.

Have a SuhWeet! Monday.

Now With More Suhweets…

I nominated Jenny for the November ROFL awards, and she totally wo
n! Okay, so everyone nominated wins. But still. Go here or here to see the full list of funny people.

And remember to visit Design Mom this week. It’s her last week of everyday suhweet giveaways.

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  1. LaLa says:

    Am I the first to comment? Suhweet. I have a tendendy to say "Fu*king hell Barry" which is an expression I picked up from a friend who went to school with a dude called Barry.Poor Barry got blamed for everything.It's quite satisfying to say when you are really annoyed about something. Thanks for the Matt Damon story, was he cuter in real life? I've always thought he has a few too many teeth for me.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Thanks for sharing the Matt Damon story. The closest I've come to meeting a celebrity was Tom Petty, which, I can assure you, is nowhere near the visual delight of seeing Matt Damon!

  3. Jenny says:

    You are so suh-weet.Seriously.And the picture of Matt Damon drawing "snowflakes"? How seasonal!Mermaid is half girl/half fish. Merman is half boy/half fish. Wouldn't merkin be half fish/half distant relative?

  4. Her Bad Mother says:

    YOU are suh-weet. But you knew that.

  5. kim says:

    I secretly love Matt Damon so I am very very jealous.

  6. Super Zoe says:

    GcQ forgot to add that she was wearing her lucky black pants during her Matt Damon encounter. Those pants saw a lot of adventure! And, he checked out her butt. She is far too modest to add that point, but I have never been accused of being too modest.I love Christmas. I love when people get all big-hearted and lovely. It ROCKS!

  7. Bones says:

    Wow, you are a prolific producer of endless good stuff. If NBC churned out as many good episodes of The Office as you churn out good posts, I’d be watching far too much television. But that’s beside the point. Great stuff! Consequently, I’d love to go toe-to-toe with HcQ on celebrity encounters. My highlights have to be: ordering a steak while dining with vegetarian game show host Bob Barker, Sonny Bono introducing me to Johnny Cash and June Carter, and a nice chat with Ali. My lowlights would have to be a chat with Arafat, witnessing Julia Roberts turn into a pouty baby, and getting kissed by HRC. Blech.

  8. Mrs. Chicken says:

    More cookies? I may be gaining weight just by blogging.I love your tagline – I think I actually gafawed.Is that a word?Thanks for visiting me!

  9. Matt Damon says:

    Um, that's not exactly how it happened, GcQ. I'm pretty sure it was YOU who was checking ME out. But if you want to be all mean, can I just say that this "normal looking" guy just might have said "no" if you tried to borrow my Algebra II notes . Lastly, who's Eric and how does he know my Luciana?

  10. Mom101 says:

    Thanks for the links, all in the names of goodness and light. I've met Mr Damon a few times (shameless namedropping) – my friend made a movie he was in. You described him perfectly. Super nice guy. Living in NY you get like 100,000 points a day. You pretty much forget how unusual it is to the rest of the country that you can just be walking down the street and bump into like eighteen celebrities. But you'd have to get the real dirt from Nate, who used to work at Balthazar.

  11. Lady M says:

    That cookie picture made me hungry. Cool Matt Damon story.

  12. Jenny Dagle says:

    I once saw Meryl Streep and posted a very blurry picture of her on my blog. Big stuff.I love love love a good cookie exchange!

  13. mark says:

    I haven't seen anyone, but I like cookies.

  14. Schnozz says:

    Hello,Just stopping by to let you know that the kindblog site has moved, and your sidebar link is no longer working. Please update your link to Thanks!

  15. Sandra says:

    Suh. Weet. Indeed.

  16. Rhonda says:

    Finally the Matt Damon story! And thanks for all the cool NYC links…I am heading there this weekend "husband and child free," so I fully intend to hit some of those places.

  17. Kendra says:

    We were watching The Grinch tonight, and you'll never guess what I heard that old Grinch utter. Yep, "suhweet." It made me laugh, because I had just read this post. Suhweet.Have a suhweet Christmas!

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