Sugar: Garrett Gue

Sugar: Garrett Gue

It’s an unfortunate name, Garrett Gue. So I’m focusing on the sugar. Mmm, sugar. Right about now, I’m seriously considering whether I should completely give it up … or celebrate it by making cookies.

Decisions, decisions.

Photo from Crossfit Oakland.

Ad from Pierce Mattie Public Relations.

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2 Responses to Sugar: Garrett Gue

  1. Amanda says:

    I say wait a week. Give yourself a week to mull, lust or battle the urge, then dive in. It will have been worth the wait or you just won’t.

    Tantric dieting.

  2. Amanda says:

    Ok, so beyond Sting and BNL I don’t really know what tantric is, I should have looked it up. I am the girl who in 7th grade heard a boy who had leapt ouf of a locker scream, “want to see me masturbate?” and thought he was referring to some sort of special rebate.

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