Spring Has Sprung. And Now It’s Summer.

Spring Has Sprung. And Now It’s Summer.

Ah summertime! When the living is easy. Long, open days of sun-kissed porch swings, afternoon watermelon, evening fireflies, kids saying they’re bored every 10 minutes. No really, it’s 9:45 am on the first day of summer and Harry has already complained of being bored about seven times. This does not bode well. I need a plan. No seriously, someone send me a plan.

Those leisurely summer days of open whatever are myth moments from the past. Sadly and realistically, this family does better with a bit more structure (even if its structured downtime) as well as stated goals (even if one of those goals is to relax). We did pretty well on our Spring Cleaning goals, and even somehow successfully continued that throughout the season.

But today, I’m calling spring over and summer here. Because yesterday was Harry’s last day of school, which means, as you might imagine, all hell has broken lose. Oh, I kid. We are currently drinking agua frescas on the porch and planning our many summer adventures. Or perhaps, Harry is completely in time out in his room right now…three hours into summer. You decide which you’d like to believe.

Either way, before we move forward any further into summer, let’s look back at our spring goals.

Goal 1: Eat Greener… Grow more in the backyard/Eat more of what we’re growing in the backyard.

This has completely happened. In fact the backyard is kinda exploding. See what a difference a few weeks can make? …

11 12

Water and sun, man. Magic. Everything is growing everywhere…and I really haven’t been giving it much love beyond water. I still have a few spots open … and I’m pulling up the onions which are beyond done … so I’m thinking black-eyed-peas and okra. Because seriously, what’s more southern than that?


The herb garden is doing its thing too.


The tomatoes are beginning to show themselves and turn shades of red.


The squash is exploding. I think I have four varieties growing now and I’m not even sure what all to do with it. I just found out that there’s a sustainable garden center right down the street from me that takes extra food to the food bank so I think I’m going to drop so there. Also, starting in June, lots of squash recipes. So get ready for that.


And speaking of the garden center up the street…they are selling started plants for 25 cents – 50 cents a piece. I’m not even kidding. So I got some new items to add. Including white tomatoes…something I’ve never heard of before. I’m going to attempt to keep this garden growing as long as possible … I’m hoping I make it to August. We shall see what happens outside this summer.

And speaking of outside…

We are spending a lot of time outside. In fact, the garden is not only exploding with vegetables, it’s also filled with a few other items.


Baseball, man. It has taken over. We thought we were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, oh but no, Harry made an All Star team so we are just beginning. Which brings me to the next goal.

Goal 2: Be Leaner (Or at least more active outside): Move & Exercise.

I’m still training for the 5K. And I’m thinking…as we enter the Memorial Day weekend…that a 5K before Labor Day is totally possible. Who’s with me?

Also, and I can’t believe I’m even typing this, but the honest truth is, I have hit balls and played catch in the backyard upwards of 4+ hours this week already. And I’m scared of balls. I have no idea who I am anymore.


And when we aren’t playing baseball in the backyard, we are at a baseball practice or a baseball game. Everyday. And yes that’s a guy with a horse in the background of that photo. Go Texas.


Goal 3: Be a Reader: Read to the child before bed.

Okay, this is where I have sucked. This whole reading thing should be so easy for me, and yet, baseball practice has been going until 9:30 pm (Harry’s bedtime is 8 pm by the way) and honestly school could not have ended soon enough. Second grade has been amazing…hands down the best year yet…but we were all sort of done. Done.

But that said, it is time to start thinking about summer reading, because once again, Harry has a goal to read 1,800 minutes this summer and I’m not quite sure yet how that’s going to happen. We need a plan. And and I will happily think about that next week.


But in the meantime, we are celebrating the end of an incredible spring and the opening weekend of summer. Now that Mom 2.0 Summit is behind us and the Padrino is married, I’m looking forward to some down time. And spending a lot of time here. This includes setting our summer goals.

Which we will completely do next Tuesday.

Until then, Happy Memorial Day weekend, Friends!


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2 Responses to Spring Has Sprung. And Now It’s Summer.

  1. I am beyond jealous of your garden area. We live in an apartment, and while we have a container of cherry tomatoes, and a container with strawberries, I would love to have actual veggies that we could, like, harvest and eat.

    Now I need to make some summer goals…

  2. tea_austen says:

    Oh man, that garden of yours. Amazing. I want to come plant and weed with you–and drink cocktails afterwards :-)
    Also, my favorite squash recipe from last summer. Plant some marjoram now!

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