Spring: Day 17. Happy (Good) Friday.

Spring: Day 17. Happy (Good) Friday.

(Photos from Our Best Bites)

And a very merry Passover to you too.

I’m sad to be missing Seder dinner at Laurie Smithwick‘s house. Because, as you may remember, I’m attempting to not eat carbs this Easter, and also mostly because I’m in Texas, not North Carolina, where this Seder dinner is occurring.


So I’m making lots of the above items (which are featured on Hitting Refresh with other low-carb Easter things.)

In related news, I asked Harry to go for a walk with me this morning. It went something like this:

Me: “Harry, want to go for a Good Friday walk with me?”

Harry: “No. I’m going to stay here and drink coffee and do taxes and blow cigarettes.”

He is six.

So that’s what’s up with us.

Hope your holiday is filled with more carbs and less cigarette blowing.

Happy Good Friday.

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2 Responses to Spring: Day 17. Happy (Good) Friday.

  1. Hi nice to meet you. Your blog is so so pretty, makes my kids’ baseball-filled Sat morning a better place to be….

  2. Barchbo says:

    Ha! Harry is the best! My 5 year old niece calls that “cigaretting”.

    We did not attend a Seder either, but we did watch Shalom Sesame (Israeli Sesame Street) and watch Grover try to find the maror (bitter herbs) for the Seder plate. And Archie had some matzoh.

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