Spinach + Parmesan Recipes: Five of My Favorites

March 28, 2014

This post is sponsored by Mama Francesca but all opinions are completely my own.  Like, for instance, in my opinion, I can eat cheese straight from a spoon by itself for at least two days if left unchaperoned. But I think we already knew that, yes?

I have so much spinach in my garden right now. So much. Like I’m going to need about 20 of you to come over and help me eat in over the next few days type of too much. I’m almost a solid three years into this backyard garden thing and I still haven’t gotten the hang of planting in moderation. Or planting to harvest in moderation, or at least in stages. As a result, we kinda have food weeks around here…like it’s Squash Week, we have 30 squash and everything we make must involve squash. Or it’s Onion Week, you get it.

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Well, this week is Spinach Week.

And I’m thankful that this Mama Francesca campaign came in right now because Spinach and Parmesan are like peanut butter and jelly. Only better. I’m not sure if you’re familiar, but if you have a counter full of spinach, all you really need is a few more ingredients (like five or seven), parmesan being one of them, and you can make about 15 meals, at least. Here’s a start.

Recently, I’ve been really working to eat healthier…more salads, less carbs…and the less carbs part had me craving some hot spinach dip with celery (I know, kinda weird, but I’m not eating carbs so my brain is straining under the lack of chips right now) when we just had this last (please say its the last) cold front rush of cold. And so it began. The Spinach + Parmesan love affair of goodness in my kitchen.

Hot Spinach Dip Recipe. This is how it all started. This is a really easy recipe. And I’m loving how they lay out the ingredients.

I think I’ve already mentioned how much I’m digging the new Mama Francesca branding by Lisa Leone.  (Check out the before and after there.) I’m currently redoing this site a bit…spiffing it up with the help of Laurie Smithwick. And their whole site layout/new packaging designs are inspiring me.

I so love good design. It relaxes me. Which brings me to breakfast.

Spinach Frittata.  I’ve never been great at making frittatas. It seems like a good idea, I start, and then they always turn into scrambled eggs. But this is a good recipe. And I could eat eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Especially this recipe for some reason.

Spinach & Parmesan Risotto. Okay, speaking of carbs and things I could eat all day. Y’all. This might be my on my last meal food list. A Girl in the South knows how to do it. Please start eating this on my behalf today because I can not.

Spinach & Parmesan Salad. There are so many great options here. You really just need spinach, parmesan and one or two other random items. Right now I’m really digging this Spinach Salad with Walnuts, Strawberries and Parmesan.  Or, speaking of salads and my latest addictions…

Spinach & Orange Salad with Parmesan Pecans. This is where I’m just going to live for a while. Let’s see how many days in a row I can eat this. I’m thinking 27.

This is the first of two sponsored posts I’m doing with Mama Francesca, but honestly these products will probably pop up here again with regularity because I’m now in love with this stuff. I could eat it out of a spoon.

Mama Francesca is a premium grated cheese product available in a variety of flavors, and list a few of the types of cheeses: Pungente (Parmesan & Garlic), Aromatico (Parmesan, Basil & Oregano), Fiero (Parmesan & Red Pepper), Audace (Parmesan & Romano), Perfetto (Classic Parmesan).

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    LOVE your blog and wish I could pop over for food photography lessons!

  • Reply Barchbo April 17, 2014 at 9:51 am

    I don’t really like cheese but I think I could do it if it was flavored with something else like these parms are – thanks for sharing!

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