Sometimes You’ve Just Got To Laugh…

Sometimes You’ve Just Got To Laugh…

And laugh we did on Wednesday night.

I love this photo. Me and Victor (Jenny‘s husband) laughing along with 350 others as she did her reading in Austin at Book People… right after she found out she is #1 on the NYT Best Seller list.

The whole evening was such a celebration!

These are the things I want to remember.

*Photo by Cathy Boyd

The Snapshots

4 Responses to Sometimes You’ve Just Got To Laugh…

  1. This might be my favourite photo of you ever.

    It might also be my favourite photo of Victor ever.

  2. I love this photo of you and I hope someone makes a video of this and puts it up on youtube because if they did everyone would be the winner!

  3. Andrea says:

    OK, so I swear I did not find you because of the Bloggess … but this is kind of weird that I just saw your info on a top Moms who blog list (already forgetting where it was) and I was like, okay, I’ll check her out, I feel like I’ve heard of her before. And here I am. And I just finished Jenny’s book and am all like, omg! It’s Laura! You’re Laura! :) That’s freaky.

    But anyway, I’m glad to have found you. Nice to *meet* you!

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