So What’s New With You?

So What’s New With You?

So last time I checked, it was April. And then all of a sudden, it’s May 22. My very first boyfriend’s birthday. How do I remember this? I have no idea. I was in fourth grade, he was in fifth, I can barely remember his name, and yet I remember the day he emerged from his mother’s lady garden. Please note, I can’t remember to brush my teeth, but I distinctly remember deliberating over his greeting card for at least 12 minutes in the Gibson’s card aisle (remember Gibson’s?), deciding on this first first-boyfriend-birthday-card  (It had a worm on the front, and inside it said: “You’ve wriggled your way into my heart. Happy Birthday!”) and figuring out how to sign it (Love? No, too much. Have a good day? No, too little. Etc.). All that to say, wow, it’s May. It’s May 22nd. Hi. (And Happy Birthday, Jay.)

There are a few reasons I have been too absorbed in life or whatever to realize that it’s almost June. Here are 10.

1. Mom 2.0 Summit. I honestly could write 27 posts about this. But you would get tired of that after about 2. We’ll play that by ear. Until I get going on this, you can read a lot about it right here. Oh and the two shots above, those are just photos our photographer Michael snapped when we were having a party at the Versace Mansion. No bigs.

2. Recovery from Mom 2.0 Summit. This took me about 11 days this time. I’m not sure why. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’m sorta sure why. It was a lovely cocktail of a sleep deprivation, a parental health scare, and my Olympic-Medal-Worthy Ninja-Style Ability to Absorb (!) and Internalize (!!). Plus, I’m now like 92 years old or something. At least. The above photo was one I shot of a lizard who sat right next to me at breakfast the day after Mom 2.0. He looks just about how I’ve felt for the last two weeks, although way prettier. I mean, he looks prettier.

3. The last month of school. Hip Hop Recitals. Art Class Exhibits. Kindergarten Olympics. Soccer Season Wrap Parties. Poetry Reciting Performances. Days Where You Need To Wear Crazy Socks With Orange On Them (No, MOM! They NEEEED to be ORANNGGEE!!!). Things like that. This month is lunacy.

4. A sick kid. I won’t go into this too much. But for the past weeks, we’ve been plagued with various plagues between our various sock puppet ice skating interpretive dance recital tournament performance exhibits (see #3).  That makes for fun.

5. A BFF book tour. My pal Jenny has been touring around and I went to a few parties and readings and etc with her. That was fun. This is a shot of Jenny about 3 minutes after she found out that her book debuted #1 on the NYT Best Seller List in Non-fiction Ebooks and Hardcover combined. (!!!) Celebrate good times, c’mon.

6. Travel & Leisure & Projects & Stuff. One of the places I went with Jenny was NYC. While I was there, I stayed with my friend Isabel (the art above is in Isabel’s super cool apartment.) when I wasn’t staying with Jenny. It was awesome all around.

And I met up with some NYC bloggers at a Sunday Suppers Dinner at Pasanella & Son . This was a party that Sarah Bryden-Brown organized. And while I was there, I planned some next steps for Mighty Events with Maggie and SBB. Watch for that. 

7. Squash and friends. So far I’ve harvested about 90 squash. 47 cucumbers. 15 tomatoes. 11 peppers (in a variety of fun flavors). 9 okra. And a weird pumpkin. This all has kept me busier than I can even understand.

8. An obsession with Tennis. I’m playing lots of Tennis. No, not the sport, that would be ridiculous. I’m talking about the band. They’re wearing out my listening ears.

9.  An unexpected short vacation. We went to Scottsdale, AZ this weekend to stay at the Westin Keirland Resort. I was sent there to write about it, it was super awesome, and I’ll be writing about it soon.

10. Planning for Summer. Okay, this is a new thing for me. If you know me in real life, you probably know that I’m not really all that into planning ahead. Planning giant events, okay sure, no problem. But planning next week, no thank you. The whole idea of planning for the upcoming days overwhelms and/or immobilizes me, and I just almost refuse to do it. This is all good and fine to a point. (Sorta.) But the point is, now, I have a six year old who has opinions ahead of time, as well as ahead-of-time planning needs. It’s sort of terrifying.

I do plan to write about all these things over the next few weeks. I know I always say that, but for real y’all, this time I’m mean it. (For real.) In truth, I’ll be needing and relying upon this form of constancy and stability as I move ahead into this summer of uncertainty. See, this will be the first summer in my short adult-with-kid life that I’m home all summer with the kid, with no childcare help, and with no protective gear. Many of you have done this for like ever, and you’re experienced, and you’re awesome. I appreciate your advice and good wishes. Because while I’m staying at home this summer, I’ll also be working from home this summer. (For those keeping track, that means, I’ve been a SAHM mom, a WOTH mom, and a WATH mom sans child (without the kid in the home all day with me)  And this summer I’ll be a WITH mom with the kid. In fact, I’m going to be sooooo WITH w/ Harry this summer, it’s going to be ridiculous.

I hope you’ll stick with me.

It should be entertaining.

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4 Responses to So What’s New With You?

  1. I have come to love summers at home with my boy. (He’s eleven now.)Enjoy!

  2. About summer: I say just bring the no-planning, adventuresome spirit. It’s my FAVORITE thing about summer…the loosening of the planning, the waking up in the morning and deciding what to do based on intuition, air temp and direction of the wind. Hey, today’s a kite day! I’m in the mood for a milkshake! Let’s follow our noses for lunch and eat where it smells the most delicious. Etc. Enjoy the bigness!

  3. faye says:

    nice roundup.=)

  4. Those are excellent (minus the parental scare) reasons for time flying by! Excellent photos, too.

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