So It Has Come To This?

Is this what they really mean when they say “America’s Got Talent”?
Or this?
Or this?
I mean, I’m not one to judge. Really. But when I’m fencing in jello with stuffed animals, or playing the ukulele with my electric mixer, or doing the rumba with my naked blow-up doll, I only subject a select few to the torture. I don’t go on national television and swear my questionable behavior is talent.
But obviously a lot of people do.
Because this is what’s on TV.
No wonder I’ve taken up blogging.
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0 Responses to So It Has Come To This?

  1. lildb says:

    this is why I need to stop blogging so much, and revert to my former level of television consumption; because, sheesh. who knew there was such desperation?oh. wait. I've seen Anna Nicole Smith's show. I take it back.

  2. Betsy says:

    The self-esteem culture takes its ugly,ugly toll. Who even watches that tacky drivel.I have to go. I taped BIG BROTHER ALL-STARS and I need to see what happened.

  3. KCG says:

    Oh come on people. Don't you remember the Gong Show? Just as weird, and only slightly less sexual. And circuses and traveling carnivals have always been full of freaks. There's nothing new under the sun.I'm far less concerned about these people being on tv than I am in realizing that they are our neighbors, school teachers, dentists, lawyers, etc.

  4. Mom101 says:

    This is why I stopped watching tv this summer. They should call it America's Got Too Much Time on Its Hands

  5. Mother says:

    It's more like "America Has Freaks"Of course, I'd probably do well on that show, but we won't go there.Thanks for visiting.

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