Snow Day: A Few Tips From Austin

February 13, 2014

I know you guys in New York and Chicago and also pretty much anyone between DC and Florida have been hit hard with snow. We hear you crying. We see your piles of frozen everything all over Facebook and Instagram. But y’all. We know. And we feel your pain, because see, we’ve been dealing with snow, too. Snow in the form of multiple snow days without snow. And, well, since we just had our fifth no-school-ice-day in Austin this month, I thought I’d go ahead and offer you some important coping tips.

I know you can start to feel all cooped up after a while of being inside. Once you watch a cartoon or two and play Wii long enough to throw your Wii controller down in rage, you just get stir crazy, you do. So make sure you get outside as much as possible…or at least whine a lot about having to go outside. Because it’s important to brave the .25 inches of ice located somewhere, possibly. Be tough, y’all. It’s good for you.

But, because of all the snow and stuff, make sure you wear a hat when you play football in the elements.

And work on your Heisman moves while you’re at it. Because you might as well.

Also, remember your pets. And make sure they are warm and not covered in snow.

And check on your garden while you’re out there. Make sure it’s not completely frozen under all of that snow and ice and tundra and stuff.

And then, go ahead and make some snow angels. Because why not? You deserve it. Just like you completely deserve this snow day.

But mainly, hang in there. I know it’s rough, but you can get through it, East Coast. This too shall pass. I mean, just look at us. We had a snow day yesterday, and it’s supposed to be 70 tomorrow. But of course we know how things roll so we’re not getting too comfortable….because most likely, there will probably be ice somewhere, at some point, potentially. Plus, our assistant principals have worked up a great school closure rap to that Lorde song. So. Yeah. There’s no school tomorrow for us either. After all, we’re all in this together. Stay strong.



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