Shake it, brah.

This Love Thursday, I want you to understand how much the Hurricane LOVES to start his morning with a walk around the neighborhood.

With his maracas.

Sometimes you just have to take your maracas when you go on a walk.

Or you’ll scream your head off.

*Okay, I realize on the last two posts, I’ve gone a bit photo crazy. I promise new words soon. But if you came here to read words, words and more words now, now, now, then read this. If you haven’t. And if you are inclined. Etc. It’s a blast from the past. And it features all words and no pictures anywhere. Considering the topic, that’s probably not all bad.

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  1. Jill says:

    Well sure, if you're going around the block in your cool ride you might as well have the people notice you.(Compelling take on the Enron scandal too.)

  2. s@bd says:

    but if pictures are worth a thousand words, you've written far more than most …

  3. 1girl2boys says:

    What a cutie! Look at that smile!

  4. Super Zoe says:

    I would rather look at Hurricane than read about Ken Lay. Bleh. I mean, may he rest in peace. But…bleh.Tell Le Tigre to shake his moneymaker with his maracas…with that face, I sense a profitable future!!

  5. Jen says:

    You're a good mom. My kids love the maracas too, but I would go INSANE if they took them on a whole walk. I go insane if they play them for more than one song! Oh, the horror! Thanks for sharing such a cute boy–Happy Love Thursday!

  6. Sandra says:

    I just have to tell you that he is definitely my kind of kid! We should all go for walks with our maracas more often.

  7. Emily of RedWhineandBoo says:

    Nice we have that stroller too, sadly ours did not come with percussion. I will have to work on that for Red.

  8. DeAnna says:

    Hey, if you are going in the morning, you might as well give the neighbors a little wake up call! And words, I would much rather look at his cute little face!!

  9. Jenni says:

    I take my maracas with me everywhere I go. And I promptly begin screaming my head off when I happen to notice they're missing. Doesn't everyone?

  10. kay says:

    Those maracas are so cute. I should get one for my screaming toddler. He screams just because. For.No.Apparent.Reason. Happy Love Thursday. Mine's up. Care to drop by?

  11. mark says:

    Awesome. I can't blame him – those maracas rock. He's got a bright future as a percussionist or marshalling airplanes down the tarmac (maracas doubling as wands & he's already got the reflective safety tape on the stroller).

  12. Lady M says:

    At Q's "music" class, the teacher brought out a big bin of noisemakers. Q retrieved a maraca and a drum, and proceeded to beat the drum with the maraca. Excess sound!I love the pictures. Keep them coming!

  13. Jenny says:

    Dude. I love the Hurricane. Love the marachas. Love the glowing stroller of power. Don't love the ghost of Ken Lay. Do love the Ken Lay post.

  14. Jaelithe says:

    This is making me think of my son's frequent declaration, "Need to drum, Mommy!"Heaven help anyone who might try to step between my boy and whatever surface he has decided he must drum upon . . .

  15. Kristen says:

    Ah yes, a walk with maracas. Who WOULDN'T scream if denied that?

  16. Girl con Queso says:

    All: Exactly. You totally get it. The maracas on the walk. Well, frankly, they rock.Jaelithe: "Need to drum, mommy." I totally get that. Love it.

  17. Marmite Breath (Nat) says:

    Isn't that an English brand of stroller? (I know I should say pushchair, but I sold out about ten years ago).

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