Salad Shooters. A Better Way to Eat Salad.

August 18, 2011

Photo by Karen Walrond. Rum punch by Karen too. I highly recommend combining the rum punch with the cooking.

Salad bores me. Well, generally. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found it easier to bear the boringest of salad dishes, and even spice it all up and make salad fun. Or funner. Or something. Anyway, as summer wears on and on, and I’ve made every possible salad imaginable, I’ve decided I much prefer making the salad portion of the meal into some pop-it-in-your-mouth appetizers. And so the salad shooters were born.

They look pretty impressive. They’re pretty easy. And they’re super good.

Here’s all you have to do.

Super Summer Salad Shooters

What you’ll need:

1 mango

Some Argula leaves

 Some Basil leaves


What you’ll do:

Wash the argula and basil leaves. Dry them off with paper towels. Cut the mango into small thinish strips. Cut the thinly cut prosciutto into small to medium strips. Grab one leaf of basil, one leaf of arugua and stick the mango piece on it. Then wrap the prosciutto around it. Done.

Try this.

You’ll like it. It’s great for groups. And everyone in the group will give you a high five. You’ll see.


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    No-oven cooking! I am all over this one!

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