Today The Hurricane is four.
Four.It’s hard to get my brain around this.

Because when you’re four, it means you’re no longer 0-3.
You’re now 4-7. And that’s a whole different category.And that means, we no longer have a baby or a toddler in the house.

We now officially have a little boy living in our midst.
A busy, curious, energetic little boy, who’s obsessed with soccer, and coloring, and chicken nuggets. In that order.
Also, order is a biggy for you.
And this birthday has been anything but orderly
(but that’s another post entirely).
We started off the morning with presents, and songs, and cupcakes.
Then, we made a poster for a school celebration. A milestone poster. Which included things like your first likes and dislikes.

The first time you walked.

Your first word (abra).
Your first true love (Sheryl Crow).
Your first beer (kidding).

I guess we still have a few things to look forward to.

The thing is, four years is a season of life.

That was high school.
That was college.

And that is how long we’ve known you.

That seems off.
Because I can remember a lot about middle school.
But I can barely remember not knowing you.

It seems like it’s been 38 years.

And it seems like it’s been five minutes.

Happy Birthday, Harry.

The Details

11 Responses to Quatro.

  1. Kyla says:

    Happy birthday to your little, big Hurricane.

  2. jjsmith says:

    So sweet Laura. Happy Birthday Harry. We'd love to see y'all…come visit! I want to introduce our big guy to you too. :) xoxo

  3. AmandaCHansen says:

    Awesome. I now have the Sprout song in my head…Happy Happy Birthday to You, to You , to YOU!

  4. Barchbo says:

    Happy Birthday, Harry! It seems like just last week that I drove to see you for the first time! So glad your birthday has been full of love, joy, and cupcakes!

  5. James Mayes says:

    I love you Laura. I love you Harry.

  6. AHA says:

    I love you, too, Harry. And Laura, and James. The Mayes' ROCK!

  7. Isabel Kallman @AlphaMom says:

    soooo happy for you.

  8. mrs boo radley says:

    Cute kid. Happiest of birthdays to him.

  9. Design Mom says:

    Wonderful Harry! Four is my favorite. You will love it.

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  11. Katherine Center says:

    Shoooooooowee, he is so insanely cute! I knew this, of course. But seeing it all on a timeline is pretty crazy. Love these pictures…

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