Snow Day: A Few Tips From Austin

February 13, 2014

I know you guys in New York and Chicago and also pretty much anyone between DC and Florida have been hit hard with snow. We hear you crying. We see your piles of frozen everything all over Facebook and Instagram. But y’all. We know. And we feel your pain, because see, we’ve been dealing with snow, too. Snow in the form of multiple snow days without snow. And, well, since we just had our fifth no-school-ice-day in Austin this month, I thought I’d go ahead and offer you some important coping tips.

I know you can start to feel all cooped up after a while of being inside. Once you watch a cartoon or two and play Wii long enough to throw your Wii controller down in rage, you just get stir crazy, you do. So make sure you get outside as much as possible…or at least whine a lot about having to go outside. Because it’s important to brave the .25 inches of ice located somewhere, possibly. Be tough, y’all. It’s good for you.

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Valentines from a Kid Who Kinda Hates Valentines

February 12, 2014

Harry is not into Valentines. And this year, he must bring one in to each student in his class, but he’s really not feeling it. In his defense, he’s just starting to understand the differences between boys and girls, and he really doesn’t know what to do with this information yet. So mainly he wishes everyone would just shut up and play football or something. At least.

But he has to do it, so we looked for pre-printed Valentines packs. They all included pre-printed messages he didn’t want to give. Things like, ‘You are great.’ Or ‘I like you.’ Or ‘Hi, It’s Valentines Day.’

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Erlend Øye: La Prima Estate. I Want To Live In This Video.

February 10, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 10.55.25 AM

If you are looking for me, then, well, if you must know, I have moved into this video. I am living here now. 

I’ll be living in this video from now on. With Erland. Platonically, of course. We don’t speak the same language, but we have the same taste in environments. Have you met him?

From Stereogum: Erlend Øye is a Norwegian musician who makes up one half of Kings of Convenience; he also records solo albums. Following 2003′s Unrest, Øye recently announced a new album, La Prima Estate, due out later this year and inspired by his time spent living in Italy over the past year. The first single is the title track, “La Prima Estate,” sung entirely in Italian.

So basically, you should be downloading Erland Oye like crazy if you haven’t already. (For the record, he was Harry Mayes’ first favorite singer with this bad boy and this and this.) He’s good. You should like him.

And you are welcome to come visit me in this video anytime.

ALT Summit: Things I’m Not Worried About

January 21, 2014

Photo credit: Alt Summit. Legs/Feet: Mine.

I just boarded the plane to this year’s Alt Summit, and started seeing a number of blog posts about how to prepare for Alt Summit. And man there are a lot of them. I’m already in the air and on my way, so there’s no preparing for me, but I thought, since this is my (I think) fifth year to attend the event, it would be interesting to read these ‘how to prepare’ and/or ‘what to expect’ posts.

And honestly, they totally stressed me out.

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Roosevelt. The Band.

January 16, 2014

Photo Source: LA Eastside

I’ve been listening to Roosevelt a lot this month. Marius Lauber sounds like January to me.

Check it.

Any other January-sounding recommendations? Hit me up. 

Valentines Finds

January 15, 2014

Valentines Day is next and I’m already thinking in pink, red and white.  Plus, now that we’re in this weird, purgatorial No Man’s Land between New Year’s Resolutions and Thin Mints Deliveries, I’m dreaming of sweetness. And here are a few things I gonna need to get this party started.

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Dreamy Dream.

January 13, 2014
guest room

Where do you do your best dreaming? I’m not talking actual sleep dreaming, I mean, day dreaming, possibility dreaming. When your mind goes elsewhere and comes back with something new, something clearer, or just, something. Anything really.

I’ve never really been a grand Walter Mitty imaginer (Yes, go see it, if only for the cinematography and the soundtrack). But my answer for any run-of-the-mill, where-do-you-dream questioning (and pretty much every question) is: It depends.

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Merry Happy

December 24, 2013

Well, now that it’s Christmas Eve, I’ve finally gotten all the Christmas stuff out. Better late than never, right?

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