Olympic Party.

September 22, 2012

We are celebrating Harry’s 2,555 days here on the Earth (and seventh birthday) with an Olympic party. We threw around a lot of ideas for a birthday party this year, but, in the end, a jumpapalooza at the local jumping joint won his heart and won the day. It was epic.

This one was tricky for me because I really wanted him to want a 1978 backyard party that I could Pinterest out 2012 style. But Harry had other ideas. Ideas that involved a gigantic room full of connected trampolines, strobe lighting and the delightful sounds of things called LMFAO and 3oh!3. With jumping. Lots of jumping.

He loved it. His friends loved it. And of course that’s all that matters…but I can’t be the only parent around longing for the days of back when. Back when you had to have a birthday party with your brother (which I did until I was 9) and just run around the backyard in the sprinkler and get sweaty and dizzy until it was time to eat cake. At least that’s how I remember it.

I want to throw one of those birthday parties in my own yard…only not for a birthday. Just for a day. I was talking to a friend about parties and celebrations and lots of good reasons (and why we really don’t even need a good reason to do it)…and we had some ideas.

In other words, I think 2013 is the year of the celebration. Sort of like the party olympics. Just a prediction.

Watch for it.

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