Oh The Holiday Cards I’d Send You…If I Actually Sent Holiday Cards.

December 11, 2012

I used to be great at sending out Holiday cards…but sometime over the last five years I’ve just sort of stopped. I feel bad about that. Or, kind of bad. Sorta. I mean, I still make a few cards every year for posterity’s sake or whatever…and I usually send one to my mom. But for the rest of you out there, sorry. I love you. And I really love receiving and seeing your cards. But I suck at cards.

In fact, just thinking about choosing one (That’s a lot of choosing) and procuring one (That’s a lot of procuring) and finding all the addresses and addressing them and mailing them (That’s a lot of all kinds of things)…well, it just makes me tired. So instead I’m putting all my energy into making cookies and hanging wreaths and stuff.

But I do wish I could do it because it’s a fun tradition and a really swell thing to put out there into the postal system. Maybe next year. But this year, if I did send one, I’d send the one above. Or maybe one of these below. Hard to say. (Again, with all the choosing.)

Today over at Hitting Refresh I wrote about Christmas Cards…And 10 cards I’d send you this year if I were sending cards this year.

Consider yourself seasonally greeted.

Happy Christmas, Festive Hanukkah, and Merry 2013. Etc.



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