Stories I’ve Only Told My Mom.

Stories I’ve Only Told My Mom.

Here’s an easy (awesome) gift. A variety of women who attended the Mom 2.011 Summit in New Orleans were so inspired by the weekend and closing keynote that they created a Mom-inspired eBook.

“Stories I’ve Only Told My Mom.”

It’s for sale here for $4.99 (a steal once you see and read the beauty inside) OR Here! ON AMAZON. An easy gift to give to your mother, your mother in law, your sister-in-law who is a mother, or your next-door-neighbor who has a mother. Whatever. It was edited by Sarah Bryden-Brown, a Mom 2.0 keynote speaker, and includes original works from a number of Mom 2.0 speakers and attendees (both moms and non-moms alike)…

Contributors include:
Me! (Whoohoo! And man, I have a whopper story in there.)
Susan PetersenFreshly Picked @freshlypicked
Meg KeenePractical Wedding, Reclaiming Wife @PracticalWed
Katie Allison Granju – @kgranju
Amber Doty - The Daily Doty @Amber_Doty
Heather Spohr - The Spohrs Are Multiplying @mamaspohr
Catherine ConnorsHer Bad Mother @herbadmother
Brittany Gibbons –  Barefoot Foodie @barefootfoodie
Michelle HortonEarly Mama @earlymama
Meagan FrancisThe Happiest Mom @MeaganFrancis
Heather Gibbs FlettRookie Moms @rookiemoms
Monica Bielanko - The Girl Who @MonicaBielanko
Liz Stanley - Say Yes To Hoboken @lizstan
Amy ThompsonProgressive Pioneer
Jane @janeroper
Erin Loechner - Design for Mankind @erinloechner

As Erin Loechner said, “The anthology is full of laughter, tears and memories you’ve undoubtedly experienced throughout your [sometimes rocky] relationships with your own mother.”

I like that.

It’s the first eBook I’ve ever purchased.

And y’all, it’s really, really good.

Check it out. (Right here. Go!)

And Happy Mother’s Day!

The Rad

3 Responses to Stories I’ve Only Told My Mom.

  1. pocket says:

    i love you, laura mayes. and your story? GEN-IUS.

  2. Going to buy it right now. :)

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