My New Closet

My New Closet

This is my new closet. It need to be ironed.


After we moved into our first pre-WWI home, I was complaining to my new neighbor…an old ad man…about the ridiculously tiny closets. “Ah,” he said, thoughtfully nodding his head, “That’s the blessing of an old house.” And I thought, this guy has been in advertising way too long, also, he’s lost his mind. But then after a while of living it, I got it. He was right. The obvious lack of closet space IS a gift. It forces you to only keep what you use, and use just enough. It encourages you to choose quality over quantity. And it inspires you to be creative with what you have.

You can read more about it (and see more photos) on Hitting Refresh.

Nuevo Queso, The House

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