My Mother’s Day Present

My Mother’s Day Present

For Mother’s Day, Harry (with some technical assistance from his father) made me a Mixed Tape…or a personalized CD…of my favorite songs, or rather, my favorite songs according to Harry. Some are not my favorite songs. And some are. And oh my gosh, I love this CD. I love that he did this (Although how he did this, I’m not sure…it seems he picked out songs from James’ computer. I’m thinking he had some help.) And I’ve been listening to it all day.

Here’s the playlist. (Videos linked)

1. “ABC” The Jackson 5

2. “Horchata” Vampire Weekend

3. “Odessa” Caribou

4. “Use Somebody” Kings of Leon

5.  “Apocalypse Pop Song” Memphis

6. “Lisztomania” Phoenix

7. “Between Something and Nothing” The Ocean Blue

8. “The Cave” Mumford and Sons

9. “Closer to Fine” Indigo Girls

10. “Constant Craving” KD Lang

11. “Sweet Disposition” Temper Trap

12. “Sunny Days” Sesame Street Theme Song


I couldn’t love a Mother’s Day gift more than I do this one.

Thank you, Harry.

The Sounds

6 Responses to My Mother’s Day Present

  1. Allison says:

    Harry Mayes you are super rad. Just like your momma.

  2. Padrino says:

    Your gift of spinning the hits is obviously genetic – a great legacy to pass on.

  3. James says:

    Don’t forget the floppy garden hat and earrings that he picked out all by himself!

  4. barchbo says:

    Harry is the coolest kid I know! I am sure the hat and earrings are equally fabulous!

  5. I created a company called Mice at Play to put play back into the lives of mothers. On May 8th, we organized a Mad Men Dress Up Photo Shoot. Designed to help mothers reconnect with their youthful pastime of dress-up, we had them dare to “work the camera” while they put on a playful late 50s/Mad Men persona. They donned their best liquid mascara, enjoyed canapés and vintage cocktails, and danced to Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley sides as Belathée captured stunning photos.

    Today, mothers have 6 hours less of leisure time per week than in the 70s. Coincidentally, studies have shown how essential Play is to a healthy adult life. We created Mice at Play to put Play back into the lives of busy urban mothers and reconnect them with their playful and daring side.

    Our society has to inspire mothers to give themselves permission to play!


  6. Judy Woods says:

    I personally think Harry has excellent taste in music.

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