Life is Uncertain, Eat Dessert First.

Life is Uncertain, Eat Dessert First.

In 1988, I purchased a T-shirt from a popular ice cream institution here in Austin, which featured that above title slogan. I still have the shirt somewhere, and still subscribe to the sentiment. Almost every day. Because for some reason, I can’t seem to get going in the morning until it’s almost the afternoon.

This was the case when I worked outside the home as well. Because even as I’m up. Early. And dressed. And caffeinated. It’s just hard for me to get my mind and my brain working in any kind of linear fashion until there are at least double digits on the clock. Because I putter. I’m a putterer. Roaming about the house or the office or online. Not really set on any solid task or check list, but rather hazily stumbling from random to random, mind wandering about, haphazardly attempting to find the track of the day.

And sure, I’d love to be one of those people who gets up, makes a list, and starts to get shit done. Done. And DONE! I’d like to start with a sensible salad and move quickly to the main healthy course du jour. But then again, not really.

So is this a character flaw? Or just one particular method to many equally decent options?

Can this be changed? And should it be?

I can’t decide. Because I’m over here mindlessly eating ice cream…which is virtually impossible to sink your teeth into. But oh man, it’s nice.

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8 Responses to Life is Uncertain, Eat Dessert First.

  1. UpsideUp says:

    Not surprisingly, I operate on the same exact schedule. Unless I have a major deadline hunched on my shoulders, my best work time is between lunch and the end of the day. I’d like to start a company of all people in that time zone. Will you come work with me?

  2. laura says:

    Yes! I’m so in. And we will set this company up in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Which is totally practical.

  3. Allison says:

    I so operate that way too. It stinks. It especially stinks because I am on the west coast. By the time I am ready to get my crap done, they are closing up shop. Makes for a peculiar life. Let me know if you find the answer.

  4. Fayza says:

    I, too, am a putterer. It only really sucks when you work for a company that needs you to conform to its set productivity schedule. If companies only adjusted productivity hours to the hours that employees are actually productive, the world would be a better place. But hey, one can dream, right?

  5. Anne Lupton says:

    I’m the same way. If I had my druthers (whatever they are), my work day would begin at noon. So let me know if you and UpsideUp are hiring b/c it would be nice to work someplace where I wouldn’t be late for work every day.

  6. Barchbo says:

    Great! You guys should all hire me for your morning shift at your new company. I do my best work between 7-noon and am ready to end the day about 1:30. Definitely by 3, when I am ready for a major nap. Or, I can work from 9 pm to 3 am. But 1 pm- 5 pm is my worst time. Unless my job is sipping a chai, reading, and nodding off.

  7. Lisa says:

    I’m with Barchbo: I want the morning shift. Something like 4am to noon. And then I’ll be out playing (or sleeping) while you guys are toiling away. (Although I reserve the right to stay and work with you guys because that would be so much more fun than napping. Which, now that I think about it, is a perfect explanation of how I allow work to consume my life).

  8. Maria says:

    That’s odd because Tucker’s Ice Cream in Alameda, Ca has that same slogan! I guess nobody can copyright it…
    Here’s Tucker’s website:

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